[UPDATED] Vietnam Visa Requirements For Azerbaijan Citizens

  • August 18,2023

The Vietnam visa requirements for Azerbaijan citizens have been a hot keyword searched on the internet recently. Vietnam has become one of Azerbaijan's most popular tourist attractions. Many Azerbaijan tourists visit Vietnam for vacations and holidays. There are countless exciting things to do in Vietnam, as many Azerbaijan visitors who are currently traveling or have already traveled are aware.


No matter why foreigners enter Vietnam, Azerbaijan citizens also complete the visa procedures before their trips.

Visa types

The visa’s importance

Tourist visa


Business visa


Because Azerbaijan passport holders are not on the list of visa exemptions for Vietnam, they must find out the Vietnam visa requirements to get one. Traveling to Vietnam with an Azerbaijan passport is simple and straightforward, with several simple steps. Azerbaijan citizens who intend to enter Vietnam can now get a Vietnam E-Visa with a smart initiative prior to coming to this nation.

Vietnam welcomes tourists from all around the world, and Azerbaijan passport holders can consider having a vacation in this beautiful country. Prepare the following documents to request a visa for a long period of time in Vietnam:

Azerbaijan passport with a minimum validity of six months from the first day visitors come to Vietnam

There should be at least two unused pages in the passport for verification stamps.

  • A scan of the biographical page of the foreigner’s passport.

  • A personal photograph adheres to several standards.


Passport holders from Azerbaijan can pay attention to the Vietnam visa requirements for Azerbaijan citizens on arrival. If foreigners intend to travel to Vietnam for tourism, they can consider applying for one of the visa types listed below.

  • 1 month solitary entry: This visa allows visitors to enter Vietnam once and stay for a period of one month or less.

  • Numerous entries: foreigners can get one for a longer period of stay by traveling multiple times to Vietnam in the same month.

  • Expats' passports must not expire within 6 months of their arrival in Vietnam, so visitors should renew them before they fly if they are about to expire.


Visa procedures

Visa-on-arrival procedures are an indispensable stage for visitors to finalize their immigration processing in Vietnam. Check out the easy-to-obtain visa steps for speeding up the time to get a visa’s result.

Vietnam visa requirements for Azerbaijan citizens - visa procedures

Vietnam visas for Azerbaijan citizens can be implemented online and obtained at the airport

Step 1: Verify the visa option

This is the very first thing you must do to obtain a visa with an appropriate duration for meaningful trips. Fill out the application form exactly as it appears on your passport to complete the Vietnam visa requirements for Azerbaijan citizens.

Step 2: Double-check the information and pay the service cost to finish the first visa stage

Check the information carefully and confirm to assure that every detail is provided in the right manner. In case visitors find out about any mistakes with the payment, please contact the Vietnamese Immigration Department to inform them and fix the errors. Many means of payment are available for visitors to choose from, especially credit and debit cards, as well as OnePay.

Step 3: Check your mail to get the visa's results

Visitors will receive the visa approval letter through email within the time frame indicated. They need to show it to the Immigration department at the airports. Please have these documents ready to be presented at the landing visa counter.

  • The original passport must remain valid for at least six months from the first day of entry.

  • A visa approval letter was printed in hard copy to show at the Vietnam international airports.

  • The form needs to be filled out with full details of visitors' information.

  • Two passport-sized photographs (about 4x6cm)

  • Cash visa stamping cost (about USD 25/person for single admission or USD 50/person for repeated entries)

  • The visa officer only accepts cash in US dollars, so visitors need to bring an amount of money in this currency to finalize the final step of the visa procedure.

Step 4: At the Vietnam airport, have your visa stamped

Visitors will pass the examination at customs and get their visa stamped by providing the above documents and a visa approval letter to the immigration officer. Reading all the Vietnam visa requirements for Azerbaijan citizens about the immigration process at various entry points is essential. Foreigners can consider the quick track and VIP fast track services to expedite the procedure.

Visa on arrival fees for Azerbaijan citizens

The overall cost of a Vietnam visa includes the Vietnam Visa Services price as well as the Vietnam stamping fee. The Vietnam VOA charges different service fees (pay online for us) and stamp fees (pay in cash at the airport) depending on the visa type.

Service fees

Visa types

Normal processing (less than 72 hours)

Urgent (from 4 to 48 hours)

Urgent (from 1 to 3 hours)

Stamping fees

1 month, single entry





1 month, multiple entries






Foreigners from Azerbaijan can use electronic visa systems to get an electronic visa waiver or an E-Visa for their destination country.

General details relating to the E-Visa

This enables Azerbaijan individuals to receive the necessary visa via an online application, avoiding the need to apply in person at the nearest diplomatic office or wait in long lines upon arrival at a border post. Currently, roughly 20 countries around the world provide Azerbaijan passport holders with electronic visas.

An online visa, or E-Visa, can be authorized as a single or multiple entry permit that allows expats to stay in Vietnam for between 8 days and 3 months, depending on the requirements on the Vietnam visa for Azerbaijan passport holders.

Approved electronic visas are often provided to the applicant through an email address and may also be electronically connected to the traveler's passport. Holders of an E-Visa or online visa waiver are frequently advised to travel with a paper copy and the passport they used to apply for.

The application process for a Vietnam E-visa for Azerbaijan passport holders is fairly straightforward. The online application process takes just 5 minutes to complete. After finalizing the online application form, foreigners will receive an email with all of the essential visa-related details.

Vietnam E-Visa for Azerbaijan citizens

Follow the four main steps outlined below to meet all the Vietnam visa requirements for Azerbaijan citizens:

  • Step 1: Fill out the secure online application form on the Vietnamese government's official website, providing personal information such as complete name, gender, birth date, passport number, and date of arrival or departure in an accurate manner.

  • Step 2: Double-check your personal details to ensure their accuracy, and then pay the E-Visa fee electronically.

  • Step 3: Receive an email confirmation to inform visitors of their visa request. Before being mailed to you, the E-Visa will be processed and granted online to your check at any time.

  • Step 4: After receiving your Vietnam E-Visa via email, download and print it. When you arrive in Vietnam, simply display your passport and E-visa to finish the entry process.

Vietnam E-visa application fees for Azerbaijan dwellers

Vietnam Visa fees for Azerbaijan passport holders are classified into two types: visa service fees and visa government fees.

All Azerbaijan citizens who wish to obtain a Vietnam E-visa must pay the government charge. The service charge is used to get a Vietnam E-visa and to expedite the E-visa process if visitors require the result quickly.

Vietnam is one of the few nations that offers more visa types with low-cost visas for Azerbaijan citizens. When comparing prices, Azerbaijanis can choose the best alternative while staying within their budget. Azerbaijanis can choose from three types of services offered by Vietnam E-Visa:

  • Normal service: This option is appropriate if individuals have a limited budget to receive their visa determination within three business days.

  • Urgent service: With this service, foreigners will obtain their Vietnam E-Visa in one working day.

  • Super Urgent Service: This is the most convenient alternative for those who intend to take a trip to beautiful Vietnam. Expats should anticipate receiving their Vietnam E-Visa within 2 working hours.


The E-Visa is a single-entry visa with a maximum validity of 30 days according to the Vietnam visa requirements for Azerbaijan citizens. With an E-visa, Azerbaijan passport holders can stay in Vietnam for a maximum of 30 days. Vietnam E-Visa validity begins on the date mentioned in the approved E-Visa document that visitors receive through their emails.

Azerbaijan travelers can enter Vietnam at any time during the term of their visa permission. However, Azerbaijanis should be aware of the visa's expiration date.


Exceptional circumstances

Phu Quoc Island remains the only destination in Vietnam where all visitors are exempt from the Vietnam visa requirements for Azerbaijan citizens for a maximum of 30 days. To be eligible for Phu Quoc visa exemption, foreigners must prepare all visa information and a round-trip ticket from Phu Quoc to another country outside of Vietnam. If tourists wish to go sight-seeing in other regions of Vietnam, they will need a visa to commute legally.

Vietnam visa requirements for Azerbaijan citizens - the visa exemption

Visitors from Azerbaijan can fly to Phu Quoc under visa exemption 

Important notices

The visa approval letter permits foreigners to enter Vietnam exclusively by air. If expats plan to enter Vietnam by port or land crossing, please contact the Vietnamese Embassy in their area to have a visa stamped before leaving. There is currently no Vietnamese Embassy or Consulate in Azerbaijan. Other Vietnam Embassy and Consulate information can be found at the Vietnam Immigration Department.

We recently went over some helpful information on Vietnam visa requirements for Azerbaijan citizens, as well as how to apply for a Vietnam E-visa for Azerbaijan. Hopefully, this article will make visitors feel more confident about getting a visa for their trip. If visitors have any concerns about the visa criteria, please feel free to contact us at +1 315 715 8498 or email [email protected].

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