Vietnam Visa Requirements For Austrian Citizens Updated!

  • August 31,2023
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Fulfilling the Vietnam visa requirements for Austrian citizens is a mandatory task. Read all the information below to make the visa formalities go smoothly. We provide full details for citizens of Austria to have an overview of related visa matters. 


The visa procedure covers a large number of documents that visitors need to prepare in advance. The Vietnam government will not approve the visa application with any mistakes, even a minor error. Foreigners need to cancel all travel itineraries, including tickets, hotel reservations, clothes, etc. Therefore, it is reasonable to indicate that all travel plans will be postponed if visitors fail to get a Vietnam visa.

Vietnam visa requirements for Austrian citizens - the importance of learning about the Vietnam visa requirements

Foreigners need to fulfill the Vietnam visa requirements for Austrian citizens

It is not exaggerated to claim that discovering the Vietnam visa requirements for Austrian citizens is crucial. Visitors must be aware of the application process, available visa categories, necessary documents, visa fees, entry and exit requirements, etc. In addition, applying some tips for obtaining a visa quickly is a vital task before traveling to Vietnam.


The Vietnam Immigration Department normally requires Austrian citizens traveling to this country to obtain a visa according to the Vietnam visa requirements. Depending on the reason for the trip and how long it lasts, the particular requirements are indicated to guarantee suitability. Typically, one of the following application methods can be utilized by residents of Australia to apply for a Vietnam visa:

  • Visa waiver program: Austrian residents, along with citizens of a number of other countries, are eligible for visa waivers if their stay in Vietnam is under 15 days and they meet certain requirements, such as entering through specific international airports.

  • E-visa: Before traveling, Austrians can submit an online application for an electronic visa (e-visa) on the official website of the Vietnam Immigration Department. The E-Visa application process necessitates the submission of personal information, passport data, and two photos with a size of 4X6 to get a single entry visa in a maximum of 30 days.

  • Visa on arrival: Citizens of Austria may also complete the last stage of the visa procedures at Vietnam's international airports. This approach necessitates a prior approval letter, which the trustworthy travel company forwards to visitors after their visa applications are issued. A validity term that permits a single entry is demonstrated specifically in this letter.

It is important to remember that visa requirements sometimes alter, so it is advised to check the most recent information from the Vietnamese Embassy or Consulate or speak with a reputable travel agent before organizing trips.


Austrian travelers to Vietnam require a visa in order to enter the nation. All stages involved in applying for a visa are normally as follows:

The first stage of visa application procedures

Depending on the visitor's travel objective, they can determine whether a tourist visa or a business visa is suitable for their trip. Austrian citizens must gather the required documents, which include a filled-out visa application form, a passport that is valid for at least another six months, two passport-sized photos, and evidence of travel arrangements (such as round-trip tickets). Moreover, citizens of Austria need to determine whether they wish to submit their visa application online or in person at the Vietnamese Embassy or Consulate.

  • Apply for a Vietnam visa at the Vietnamese Embassy: To finalize visa processing, visitors travel to the closest Vietnamese Embassy or Consulate to submit all necessary paperwork and pay the visa cost. Additional documents will be required for certain situations before the Vietnam Immigration Department issues the approval letter.

  • Apply for an E-Visa online: If visitors utilize a visa service online, they can access the government website to complete the online application form and make a payment online.

The second stage of the visa process

In spite of a variety of processing times, it conventionally takes a few days to a few weeks for visa procedures. It is highly recommended that visitors complete the visa application in advance; within one week is the best suggestion. If visitors apply for a Vietnam visa offline, they need to come back to the Vietnamese Embassy to get results. For those who obtain the visa on the electronic website online, keeping track of the visas is necessary to receive the approval letter.

When Austrians travel to Vietnam, they need to show a copy of these documents to the immigration officer to enter the country. In some cases, the customs will require visitors to present their passports and other materials, following the Vietnam visa requirements for Austrian citizens. If Austrians forget any kind of required document, the entry formalities will fail, so it is critical for them to be cautious when finishing all the visa steps.


Tourist visas

The more the economy develops, the more entertainment demand increases as an indispensable result of the integration process. In addition, Vietnam is one of the most beautiful destinations, which is fantastic to explore and experience on vacation. To enter Vietnam for tourist purposes, applying for a visa is a compulsory task that visitors need to finalize.

Business visas

Citizens of Austria visiting Vietnam for commercial activities may use a business visa to attend conferences, hold meetings, or look for business opportunities. Depending on the validity term, the visa can be provided for one or several entries mentioned on the Vietnam business visa requirements for Austrian residents.

Work visas

A work visa is a type of visa that foreigners must obtain if they come to Vietnam to work for a long period of time. Some documents that the visitors need to prepare are a work permit, an employment contract, and a sponsorship enterprise in Vietnam.

Student visas

An application for a student visa is required for Austrian students who want to attend school in Vietnam. The visa is normally valid for the duration of the study program and is issued in accordance with acceptance from a reputable educational institution in Vietnam.

Diplomatic visas

Officials, diplomats, or those going on business for the government of Austria fall under this visa category. It requires a request from the Vietnamese government or other appropriate authorities for an invitation or agreement.

Transit visas

Austrians may need a transit visa to remain in Vietnam for up to 72 hours before visiting other countries to continue their trips. Of course, the specific Vietnam visa requirements for Austrians in this circumstance will not be equivalent to those for other visa types.
It's critical to indicate that visa laws and regulations are subject to change for different periods. To have the best preparation for visitors trips to Vietnam, it is advised to get more information at the closest Vietnamese Embassy or Consulate.


Below is a list of the necessary documents for getting a Vietnam visa for Austrian passport holders:

  • 6-month validity of passports.

  • Fill out the Vietnam visa application forms.

  • Passport-sized photos (4×6) according to the Vietnam visa for Austrian citizens.

  • Appropriate payment method to charge for visa fees.

  • Extra documents such as a travel itinerary, intended accommodations, and a copy of the flight tickets.


Visitors find it different when comparing the Vietnam tourist visa fees to the business ones. The Vietnam tourist visa requirements for Austrian citizens and the Vietnam business visa requirements for Austrian citizens are presented on the government website. Follow this table to get the best overview of the two separate fees for obtaining a Vietnam visa.

Vietnam visa requirements for Austrian citizens - visa prices

Austrian residents need to pay fees to apply for a Vietnam visa

Vietnam tourist visa fees for inhabitants of Austria

Business days

From 1 – 2 Austrian citizens


From 3 – 4 Austrian citizens


From 5 Austrian citizens


4 – 5 days




3 days




2 days




Rush situation

☎ +1 315 715 8498

Vietnam business visa fees for inhabitants of Austria

Working days

Fee (USD/ an Austrian citizen)

From 5 to 7 days


3 days

☎ +1 315 715 8498


Currently, there are two methods that Austrian citizens can apply for Vietnam visas. The first option is that visitors can access the government websites to obtain a Vietnam E-Visa. Another approach is to finish all the stages of visa procedures directly at the Vietnamese Embassy or Consulate.

Austrian passport holders get a Vietnam E-Visa

Austrian passport holders are eligible to apply for an E-Visa to Vietnam for travel, commercial, and tourist purposes. To submit an online visa application, foreigners need to go to the Vietnam Immigration Department's official website to complete the formalities. All personal information is important for the Vietnam government to review, store, and find out if the application forms are suitable for issuing a Vietnam visa to residents of Austria.

The service fee will be paid directly to the Vietnamese government as a charge for taking into account visitor visa requests. It is wise to submit the visa form within a certain period of time in order to receive approval letters as early as possible. Once the Vietnam Immigration Department approves the visitor's request, the E-Visa will be sent to the provided email address. 

To pass the customs examination at Vietnam's international airport, remember to bring passports, approval letters, and other entry documents to arrive in Vietnam successfully.

Holders of Austrian passports get a Vietnam visa on arrival

The Vietnamese government allows Austrian residents to apply for a visa on arrival through many regulations. To be eligible to enter Vietnam's international airport, visitors must bring along an approval letter issued by the Vietnam Immigration Department. When customs checks travel documents to allow foreigners to enter, Austrian citizens must present relevant materials to complete immigration procedures.

One of the required documents when applying for a stamped visa at the airport is a valid passport, according to Vietnam visa requirements for Austrian citizens.

Another issue that foreigners need to keep in mind is bringing cash to pay stamping fees. Visitors entering Vietnam should have enough understanding of the costs related to obtaining a visa in accordance with the Vietnam visa law.


Austrian tourists holding a Vietnam visa are allowed to stay in this country for the period corresponding to the type of visa they apply for. The duration of the visa tells foreigners the maximum number of days they can reside in Vietnam. Therefore, Austrian residents must know the exact length of their stay to be able to exit in accordance with the provisions of the immigration law issued by the Vietnamese government.


Below is information on entry and exit requirements for Austrians visiting Vietnam, most specifically:

Hold a valid passport

Passports of Austrian holders must be valid within 6 months from the date of first entry, according to the Vietnam visa requirements.
To enter Vietnam, visitors must comply with the visa requirements for Austrian citizens according to current immigration laws. There are two ways to apply for a Vietnam visa, including through the electronic system and getting a visa stamped at the airport.

COVID-19 limitations

The severe impact of COVID-19 has resulted in restrictions on entry for Austrian citizens when they wish to enter Vietnam for any purpose. Different visa conditions are added to ensure absolute safety for Vietnamese citizens, avoiding the spread of the fatal disease in Vietnam. Providing a health certificate is necessary, including in the Vietnam visa rules, with the aim of both recovering its severely affected tourism and protecting the country from the pandemic.

Return air tickets

An air ticket is proof that visitors will visit Vietnam within the time specified in the visa requirement that they provide when proceeding with relevant legal formalities.

Length of stay

The period of stay for Austrian citizens is detailed in the Vietnam immigration law. In the event that Austrians in Vietnam exceed the permitted time limit but do not extend their visas, they will be responsible for the corresponding penalty frames.

Travel insurance

If possible, all Austrian visitors to Vietnam should buy travel insurance to cover emergency medical expenses (if any).

There is no fixed regulation for the immigration activities of Austrian residents in Vietnam. The government reserves the right to tailor all Vietnam visa requirements for Austrian citizens, depending on specific circumstances. Therefore, if foreigners are planning to visit Vietnam, they should carefully study the visa conditions and regulations to best plan their trip.


Focus on the following tips to be able to complete the Vietnam visa application process for Austrian citizens simply and quickly:

Vietnam visa requirements for Austrian citizens - travel tips

The secrets to getting a Vietnam visa successfully the first time are presented in detail

Knowledge of basic visa requirements

In order not to make unfortunate mistakes when applying for a Vietnam visa, Austrian citizens must understand the Vietnam visa requirements. A reliable source of information that visitors should approach is available on the official website of the Vietnamese Embassy or Consulate.

Determine the type of visas

Visitors to Vietnam will have many reasons, so it is necessary to determine the appropriate type of visa to stay in Vietnam for the time they want. For each type of visa, the Vietnamese government sets out completely separate regulations.

Apply for a visa in advance

If visitors do not want to affect their scheduled travel itinerary, Austrian citizens should apply for their visa before the intended date of entry. This will give Austrian citizens enough time to deal with unforeseen problems and avoid delays.

Fill out the Vietnam visa forms accurately

Fill in the visa application form with correct and accurate information and double-check all details, including passport information, dates, and personal information, to avoid any errors that could lead to rejection. Visa requests will be rejected by the Vietnamese government if any pieces of information do not match the original ones.

Pay attention to visa fees

Visa fees and payment methods are important information that Austrian citizens need to know before entering Vietnam. It is highly recommended that visitors use the correct currency if they do not want to have trouble during the immigration process at the airport in Vietnam.

Comply with visa instructions

Read and follow the instructions provided by the competent Vietnamese authorities to complete the visa application process and application procedures. Moreover, foreigners must meet all additional requirements that may be required.

Find professional advices if necessary

When residents find the visa application process complicated or overwhelming, they should consider seeking assistance from a reputable visa agency or consulting an Embassy or Consulate of Vietnam. They can represent Austrian citizens to finalize the visa formalities, provide guidance, and clarify any questions they may have.

Create a copy of your visa

After a visitor's visa is issued, remember to keep a copy of it during their trip to Vietnam, which will help in case of force majeure or if they need to show their visa at any time.

It is important to be aware that these tips are only general guidelines, so visitors must seek the updated regulations of Vietnam visas to make their trips more comfortable.

Here are all the details about the Vietnam visa requirements for Austrian citizens to pay attention to before visiting Vietnam. In case visitors have any concerns, don’t hesitate to contact us at +1 315 715 8498 or email [email protected] to be supported. We absolutely guarantee a perfect visa experience for visitors when they believe in our services.

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