Vietnam Visa Requirements For Australian Citizens in 2023

  • June 14,2023

Many Australians are looking for a meaningful holiday location, and Vietnam is the best destination on their list. This country is famous for its many attractions, affordable expenses, and delicious cuisine. Learn about the Vietnam visa requirements for Australian citizens in this article.


All Australians making plans to visit Vietnam for all purposes must apply for a Vietnam visa. The Immigration Department of Vietnam enacted this regulation for either tourism or business purposes when entering the country. 

The categories of visa



Business visa



Tourist visa



To have the right to visit Vietnam, visitors must not only comply with the Vietnam visa requirements for Australian citizens but also satisfy the entry requirements for Australian passports. The validity of Australian passports is not over the maximum of 6 months from the first day of entry.

Moreover, at least two blank pages are in a valid passport. This requirement, which applies to all tourists when conducting the Vietnam visa procedure, is not exceptional. Therefore, visitors should consider the visa guide before offering a Vietnam visa. 

Vietnam Immigration also provides Australian citizens with a Vietnam visa on arrival. The visa option is only appropriate for visitors who enter Vietnam for business purposes. If Australians intend to get a tourist visa, they will apply for the Vietnam E-Visa sector. 


The type of visa Australian passport holders get will determine how long the Vietnam visa procedure takes. Tourist and business visas are the two main types of visas visitors should consider to enter Vietnam.

Vietnam visa requirements for Australian citizens - the newest update 2023

The Vietnam visa requirements for Australian citizens are vital things that visitors need to care about

Instructions for Australian Citizens to apply for a Tourist Visa

We will show you detailed instructions about two approaches to obtaining a tourist visa before the Covid-19 period. The first way is to visit the Vietnam embassy/consulate to implement visa processing. The last one is to offer a Vietnam visa on an electronic system, including a Vietnam visa on arrival. After the Covid-19 lockdown, the Vietnam visa on arrival has not restarted. 

Australian citizens now only get a Vietnam E-Visa instead of two ways as before. Moreover, visitors must bring the approval letter to get a stamp at the international airport.  

To apply for an E-Visa, Vietnam visa requirements for Australian citizens must be guaranteed. Applicants visit the official electronic visa website to register for a visa to Vietnam. Three steps are mentioned in this guidance for visitors to follow:

  • Step 1: Visitors provide the required information on the secure online visa application form and pay a fee.
  • Step 2: Continue to finish the Vietnam visa forms and follow up on E-Visa processing regularly.
  • Step 3: The approval letter is issued, and the travelers must make a copy of the letter to show at the airport on the first day of entry. If foreigners lack this document, they can’t complete entry into Vietnam according to their plan.

There are many processing options based on the types of visas visitors offer. It takes 2-5 working days to finalize the Vietnam visa procedure. If travelers intend to get an urgent Vietnam visa, they will receive the approval letter within a few hours. 

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Instructions for Australian Citizens to apply for a Business Visa

The foreigners must meet the Vietnam business visa requirements for Australians. To be eligible for a business visa, Australian citizens must collaborate with a sponsor company in Vietnam. The procedure for getting business visas will follow step-by-step instructions. 

  • Step 1: There are two documents that the sponsor company has to prepare. It consists of 2 Vietnam visa forms (NA2 and NA16) according to the Vietnam visa requirements for Australian citizens. Moreover, certified business registration should be available to increase the reliability of business trips.
  • Visitors will send these documents to the Immigration Department of Vietnam to get an approval letter. The procedure takes 5 to 7 business days to receive all valid documents. The sponsor company will inform you to plan a visit to Vietnam.
  • Step 2: Getting a business visa stamp is the last step of Vietnam visa processing. The visa stamp is valid on the visitor's passport at the Vietnam embassy/consulate in Australia. The step must be finalized before the departure of foreigners' flights begins. 
  • If the visitors find it difficult to offer a business visa approval letter to Vietnam, don't hesitate to contact us at +1 315 715 8498. Our employees will support you in every single step, from the first stage until you get an approval letter and enter Vietnam.


You don’t have to work with the Vietnam embassy because the visa approval letter is enough for picking up Vietnamese visas upon arrival at the Vietnam airport. After getting the visa approval letter, you need to show it at the international airport to get a visa stamped upon arrival in Vietnam.


If foreigners are applying for a Vietnam visa for single entry, they will pay the cost mentioned below:

  • A tourist E-visa costs USD 25, and there is no refund if the application form fails to be issued.
  • The visitors pay no fee for visa approval letters or stamping fees for business visa categories.
  • Entering Vietnam on a single-entry visa costs US $25. 
  • This amount of money rises from US $25 to US $50 for multiple entries. The type of visa is valid for up to 3 months for all Australian citizens entering Vietnam.


Vietnam visa fees for Australians are not fixed and will be changed. The cost will be flexible based on the length of time in Vietnam and what types of visas visitors obtain. 

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This article covers all the details of the Vietnam visa requirements for Australian citizens. If you have any queries, you can contact us at +1 315 715 8498 or email [email protected]. We guarantee that we can give you more valuable advice on how to get a Vietnam visa swiftly.

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