Vietnam Visa Requirements For Antigua And Barbuda Citizens

  • August 21,2023

The Vietnam visa requirements for Antigua and Barbuda citizens have become a hot keyword that is more intriguing than ever. In recent years, Vietnam has consistently ranked among the top travel attractions for international tourists traveling for many reasons. All of these inquiries about the visa aspects will be addressed specifically in this article.


Vietnam's immigration policy requires Antigua and Barbuda citizens to obtain entry permission before entering the country. As a result, inhabitants of Antigua and Barbuda must have a Vietnam visa or a visa approval letter before entering Vietnam.

Antigua and Barbuda citizens must select the appropriate visa type based on their purpose of entry. Aside from that, the anticipated length of stay necessitates the application of a different type of visa. Vietnam tourist visas typically enable Antigua and Barbuda nationals to stay for no more than 30 days. 

However, Vietnam business visas may be requested by Antigua and Barbuda citizens who desire to visit the country for business purposes. In terms of validity time, the business type might be more flexible: 30 days or 90 days. Please refer to a 6-month Vietnam visa for Antigua and Barbuda citizens considering a longer stay.


If Antiguans and Barbudans already have a sponsor, they must sign a form of guarantee. The rest of the process is handled by representatives who apply for a visa on your behalf with the Vietnam Immigration Department.

When you request a visa directly from us, we act as the sponsor, arranging all essential Vietnam visa requirements for you and submitting them to the Immigration Department of Vietnam for visa approval. A scanned copy of your passport, proof of ticket, and accommodation reservation are normally required to be sent with your visa application.

Vietnam visa requirements for antigua and barbuda citizens - visa procedures

Vietnam visa procedures are presented specifically for visitors to follow prior to entering Vietnam

When your visa application is granted, Antigua and Barbuda citizens can have a visa approval letter and visa approval code emailed to them. A visa approval letter is sent if you intend to have a visa stamped on your passport at the airport in Vietnam. Whereas the visa approval code is relevant if you registered to have a visa granted at the Embassy of Vietnam before flying.

In terms of getting visas on arrival, Antigua and Barbuda citizens should get the visa approval letter prior to departure so that visitors can submit it to the immigration officer that they fly with. Before issuing and stamping a visa onto your passport, the immigration officer at Vietnam airports will also demand the presentation of the letter, based on the uniqueness of which they can track information in their database.


General information

The Vietnam Immigration Department's most recent policy now allows Antigua and Barbuda citizens to obtain a visa on arrival in Vietnam. To have entry permission to enter Vietnam, Antigua and Barbuda citizens must get a Vietnam visa acceptance letter.

Traditionally, Antigua and Barbuda citizens could visit the Vietnam Embassy and follow all procedures there. However, pursuant to the current Vietnam Immigration Law on Vietnam Visas for Antigua and Barbuda, the Embassy of Vietnam requires a guarantee letter. Even with a guarantee letter, visa applications from Antigua and Barbuda people are frequently denied for many reasons.

As a result, for Antiguans and Barbudans wishing to visit Vietnam, a visa on arrival is the best alternative. By applying for a visa on arrival, foreigners are seeking our guarantee service for Antigua and Barbuda passport holders while in Vietnam. To apply for a Vietnam visa on arrival for Antigua and Barbuda, you are able to conduct visa procedures online.

This visa category is extremely useful for clients flying into Vietnam. Instead of traveling to the Vietnam Embassy or sending their passports elsewhere, foreigners can stay at home and swiftly finish the visa request online. Visa-on- arrival procedures in Antigua and Barbuda take no more than 2 business days. Antigua and Barbuda passport holders can request urgent or super-urgent service in order to have entry permission in time for their Vietnam trips.

Vietnam visa procedures

Steps for applying for a Vietnam visa on arrival for citizens of Antigua and Barbuda:

  • Submit your visa application online or submit details of your passport and flight to the official website of the Vietnam Immigration Department.

  • Proceed with payment for the visa approval cost (please refer to the Vietnam visa fee for Antigua and Barbuda passport holders on the website for more information).

  • Obtain confirmation of the exact time of receipt of the visa approval letter.

  • Obtain your visa clearance letter via the visitor's email.

  • Present your Antigua and Barbuda passport at the airport to obtain a Vietnam visa on arrival if you pass the immigration check at the airport.

How much time does a Vietnam visa on arrival take?

Obtaining a visa through an agent ensures that the visa request is processed within two business days. Moreover, many sorts of emergency Vietnam visa services can be used so that Antigua and Barbuda individuals can obtain a visa in as little as a few hours or one working day. However, the visa application of Antigua and Barbuda nationals may take longer to verify and be granted by the Vietnam Immigration Department.

The benefits of applying for a Vietnam visa on arrival online

As previously stated, Antigua and Barbuda individuals traveling to Vietnam by plane need to get a Vietnam visa on arrival. The following are some of the benefits of a visa on arrival:

  • It is less expensive than obtaining a visa from the Vietnamese Embassy.

  • Furthermore, a Vietnam visa on arrival takes no more than three working days to process for Antigua and Barbuda citizens, and the visa is stamped in roughly ten minutes at the Vietnam airport.

  • Antigua and Barbuda citizens can obtain a stamped Vietnam visa in their passport at any Vietnam international airport without visiting the Vietnam Embassy.


E-Visa is a convenient option for individuals who wish to obtain a visa to enter Vietnam.

Vietnam visa requirements for antigua and barbuda citizens - E-Visas

All details about the Vietnam visa requirements for Antigua and Barbuda citizens

E-Visa definition

The most recent type of visa to be issued is an electronic visa for Vietnam, which allows visitors from Vietnam to get a visa online and receive approval. Foreigners will have the visa printed themselves rather than obtain one from the Embassy of Vietnam or an agent online.

Since January 2017, the Vietnamese government has officially deployed a new generation of visas: the E-Visa (electronic visa). E-Visas can be used for international visitors to Vietnam in two years for a limited number of citizens.

Can Antigua and Barbuda dwellers obtain an E-Visa for Vietnam?

Antigua and Barbuda residents are not currently eligible for Vietnam E-Visas. However, Antigua and Barbuda residents can apply for a visa online and receive an electronic visa (an approved letter). Simply follow a few simple steps to obtain an Antigua and Barbuda visa online.

  • Fill out the online application form at the website of the Vietnam Immigration Department.

  • Pay the approval fee and wait to receive an electronic visa acceptance notice through email in two business days.

  • Then, at the arrival airport in Vietnam, Antigua and Barbuda citizens can have a visa for Vietnam stamped onto their passports.

Different types of visas are available to Antigua and Barbuda citizens

Passport holders from Antigua and Barbuda are permitted to enter Vietnam for business or tourism according to the Vietnam visa requirements for Antigua and Barbuda citizens. These two distinct goals necessitate the submission of separate visa applications for Vietnam.

Antigua and Barbuda candidates do not need to have a contract with a company in Vietnam to be granted a business visa. Visa agencies can also act as sponsors for you. The allowable duration of visa validity for a tourist visa is no more than 90 days; however, a business visa might be asked to be one year.

Antigua and Barbuda visa fees

Different visa fee rates will apply depending on the validity term and purpose of the visa. There are two types of fees to be paid: approval fees and stamping fees, according to the Vietnam visa requirements for Antigua and Barbuda citizens.

  • The approval fee is then validated in order to obtain the electronic visa approval letter for Antigua and Barbuda citizens. This also implies that it should be paid while submitting an online application. Before the application and payment can be processed and the outcome for Antigua and Barbuda nationals confirmed, they must be completed and confirmed.

  • The stamping fee is collected directly from the immigration officer who stamps your visa at the airport in Vietnam.

The stamping fee is collected directly from the immigration officer who stamps your visa at the airport in Vietnam. The stamping fees are the same for all residents worldwide, as follows:

  • A single-entry visa for less than 90 days costs USD 25.

  • A multiple-entry visa for less than 90 days costs USD 50.

  • A multiple-entry visa for six months costs USD 95.

  • A 12-month visa costs USD 135.

Can citizens of Antigua and Barbuda get visas at the Vietnamese Embassy?

Vietnam's embassies and consulates around the world may still offer Antigua and Barbuda citizens visas valid for less than 90 days. However, the specific Vietnam visa requirements for Antigua and Barbuda citizens at different embassies may differ. If visa requests are accepted by the Embassy, Antigua and Barbuda individuals may be requested to provide the following:

  • A completed application form (supplied by the Embassy).

  • The original passport, which is assessed to ensure that it is valid for at least 6 months from the anticipated first day of arrival in Vietnam.

  • Two images are 4×6 cm in size.

  • Visa fee (which includes stamping and additional costs).

The Vietnamese Embassy may take 3-5 days to approve a visa request for Antigua and Barbuda dwellers. Antigua and Barbuda nationals may be needed to complete paperwork in order to help with the information verification procedure, if necessary.

The Vietnamese Embassy may take 3-5 days to approve a visa request for Antigua and Barbuda dwellers. To apply for a visa to Vietnam, foreigners might look for one in the adjacent countries. Moreover, they can also seek the assistance of a visa agent in Vietnam to request a visa approval document in a short period of time.


If foreigners need a visa to Vietnam quickly, don't worry because there are a variety of emergency visa services provided by many travel agencies. Moreover, urgent services are accessible four business hours a day, seven days a week. For Antigua and Barbuda passport holders, visitors must email a scan of their passport or complete the visa application online with the exact information indicated on their passport.


Traveling to Vietnam by land or sea requires you to go immediately to a Vietnamese Embassy and acquire a visa stamped before leaving. Antigua and Barbuda residents can obtain a visa approval code, which is also approved and granted by the Immigration Department of Vietnam.


The type of visa requested determines the visa rate. Tourist visas are often less expensive than business ones for Antigua and Barbuda citizens. Furthermore, if the Antigua and Barbuda passport bearer has a sponsor agent in Vietnam, the cost can be reduced. 

Vietnam visa requirements for Antigua and Barbuda citizens - visa fees

Vietnam visa fees for Antigua and Barbuda citizens in detail

The sponsor should be an organization or company that is located in Vietnam and has a legal entity there, not a person. If you are already sponsored, the visa fee is less than normal. Our Vietnam visa fees for Antigua and Barbuda passport holders are listed below. 

  • Please contact us for further information about Vietnam tourist visa requirements for Antigua and Barbuda citizens.

  • Fees for a business visa to Vietnam for residents of Antigua and Barbuda:

Processing time

Visa fees for passengers (USD/person)

5-7 business days


3 working days

☎+1 315 715 8498

In addition to the fees shown in this table, visitors have to pay a stamping fee at the Vietnam Embassy or at the airport for visa stamping.


  • The kind of visa (Embassy visa or visa on arrival) should be explicitly registered at the time your application is submitted.

  • The stamping charge should be paid in US dollars in cash. If you cancel your trip after receiving visa permission, you can still obtain another visa approval letter for your revised trip itinerary.

Full details about the Vietnam visa requirements for Antigua and Barbuda citizens are presented in this article. Please contact us at +1 315 715 8498 or email [email protected] for further information and consultation on the individual circumstances of Antigua and Barbuda obtaining a visa for Vietnam.

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