[Updated] Vietnam Visa Requirements For Angola Citizens

  • July 25,2023

The immigration policy of Vietnam stipulates the Vietnam visa requirements for Angola citizens in detail. To make visa procedures go smoothly, visitors must be knowledgeable about the visa criteria. The following essay takes a look at multiple aspects of visa formalities.


When it comes to Vietnam visa types, visitors have many choices when applying for a visa to travel freely inside this country. On account of different visitors’ travel objectives, the Vietnamese government allows Angola residents to pick up one of the visas, such as tourist, business, study, or visit. 

Vietnam visa requirements for Angola citizens - visa types

Vietnam visa categories are available for Angola citizens to register for

Aside from that, the anticipated length of stay necessitates the use of a particular sort of visa. Vietnam tourist visas typically allow Angola individuals to stay for no more than 30 days. However, Vietnam business visas may be requested for Angolans visiting the country for commercial purposes.

The business visa type might be more versatile in terms of validity length: 30 days or 90 days. Please see a 6-month Vietnam visa on the Vietnamese government websites for candidates intending a longer stay.


Angolans who already have a sponsor must sign a form of assurance. The rest of the process is handled by our employees, who represent visitors in applying for a visa with the Vietnam Immigration Department.

Vietnam visa requirements for Angola citizens - visa procedures

Visa procedures are as easy-to-follow as possible to help Angola citizens conduct then successfully for the first time

When Angola citizens request a visa directly from us, we act as the sponsor, arranging all essential requirements and presenting them to the Immigration Department of Vietnam for visa approval.

A scanned copy of visitors' original passports, proof of flight tickets, and an accommodation reservation are normally required to be sent with their visa applications.

Angola citizens can have a visa approval letter and visa approval code emailed to them once their visa request is approved. A visa approval letter is sent if visitors intend to have a visa stamped onto their passports at the airport in Vietnam. The visa approval code is relevant if foreigners register to have a visa granted at the Embassy of Vietnam before flying.

In terms of obtaining a visa on arrival, Angolans need to obtain the visa approval letter ahead of departure. They can give it to the airline with which they travel to prove their legal entry. 

Before issuing and stamping a visa onto visitors' passports, the immigration officer at Vietnam airports will also demand the presentation of the letter. Customs officials can use the uniqueness of visa approval letters to compare all the information in their database.



It is also known as a Vietnam Visa on Arrival (VOA). Foreigners obtain Vietnam visas online by filling out the form at the official website of the Vietnamese government. Visitors may do it effortlessly and simply from anywhere in the world that has Internet access and wireless 3G Mobile Connections. Because of its speed, ease, low cost, and safety, this method produces the most effective and satisfying results. Angolan citizens are not required to submit their passports or other critical private documents anywhere.

Angola passport holders will receive a confirmation email within 1-2 working hours of submitting the online application form. The Vietnam Immigration Department keeps them updated on the status of their applications. Normally, visitors will receive an approval letter within two business days as a normal processing time.

In an emergency, the Vietnam Immigration Department can process visitors' visas in 30 minutes to 4 hours. Before boarding the plane, foreigners will get an approval letter through email. Foreigners can obtain the stamped visa as soon as they land at the airports in Vietnam. We are ready to assist visitors with all the Vietnam visa requirements for Angola citizens on arrival at the airport if they require it.

The importance of a Vietnam visa on arrival

Because of its simplicity, efficacy, and dependability, many foreigners nowadays choose to apply for an arrival visa. A Vietnam visa on arrival, also known as a landing visa, is another option for gaining entrance into Vietnam. It is now the quickest and cheapest route for air travelers to get a visa to Vietnam. This visa type offers the advantage of allowing visitors to obtain a Vietnam visa online through any trusted visa agent, regardless of their nationality or location.

Foreigners will be assisted in obtaining their visa authorization as quickly as possible by using the agency's online system. The service price is also less than what they would have to pay if they applied at a Vietnamese Embassy. However, we will represent visitors from Angola to finalize the visa permit procedures, known as "visa approval letters," in advance in this scenario.

If visitors arrive at a Vietnamese airport without an authorization letter, they will be denied entry. Then, Angolan citizens must be aware that the approval letter is the most significant thing they have before arriving.

Angola is not on the Vietnam visa exemption list, according to the most recent Vietnam Immigration Department regulations. As a result, citizens of this country who desire to travel to Vietnam by air must register for visas on arrival. Using a visa on arrival, tourists can obtain a visa at Vietnam international airports, eliminating the need to visit the Vietnam Embassy.

How do Angola citizens get a Vietnam visa on arrival?

To begin, Angolans traveling to Vietnam by air are required to get a visa on arrival. This visa type may only be picked up at the Vietnam airport after the applicant receives the Vietnam visa approval letter. Furthermore, Angolans must obtain a visa acceptance letter online prior to departure.

Applicants only need a few minutes to complete the Vietnam visa application form online. Then pay the Vietnam visa approval fee via credit card or bank transfer. Now all visitors have to do is wait three working days for a Vietnam visa approval letter to be issued.

When visitors land at international airports, please show all relevant documents to the immigration officer. The security check will be finalized if visitors present all items according to the Vietnam visa requirements for Angola citizens.

Vietnam visa on arrival fees for Angola citizens

Angola passport holders must pay both the Vietnam visa approval cost and the stamping fee in order to obtain a visa to Vietnam. For one application, the approval price for Angolans ranges from USD 150 to USD 290. The stamping cost is clearly disclosed and imposed uniformly on all citizens of other nations.

The visa tariff depends on the types of visas that visitors would like to request. Tourist visas for Angolans are typically less expensive than business visas. Furthermore, the cost can be reduced if an Angola passport holder has a sponsor agent in Vietnam. The sponsor should be an organization or corporation that is located in Vietnam and has a legal entity.

The details on Vietnam visa fees for Angola passport holders can be seen below:

  • Vietnam tourist visa expenses for Angola passport holders: contact us at +1 315 715 8498 or email [email protected] to get accurate visa prices.

  • Vietnam business visa costs for Angola citizens:

Handling time

Visa fees (USD per passengers)

5–7 working days


3 working days

☎+1 315 715 8498

To get more knowledge about the visa fees that Angola citizens need to pay, please refer to the Vietnam business visa requirements for Angola citizens. 


This method is somewhat difficult for Angola citizens to follow and obtain a visa successfully. Visitors must submit their passports and all necessary materials to the Vietnamese Embassy or Consulate in their country. 

It's really inconvenient for foreigners because there is no Vietnamese Embassy or Consulate in Angola. As a result, visitors must contact the Vietnamese Embassy or Consulate in the nation closest to them. As they are aware, their applications may have failed due to a missing passport or other crucial documents.

As a result, foreigners spend a significant amount of time getting Vietnam embassy visas. Visitors have no idea how far their applications have progressed. If Angola citizens require an urgent visa, it will be issued on the condition that an extra fee can be included in the Vietnam visa total fees. 

This is a significant issue if visitors are in a company or studying medical issues. Furthermore, holders of Angola passports cannot limit their budget and must incur additional expenses that can be used for other purposes during their journeys.



Visas on arrival

Vietnam embassy visas

Granted by

Vietnam Immigration Department

Vietnam Embassy in Angola

Handling time

2 business days (or a few hours for urgent cases)

3 – 5 business days

Service fee

From US$9 (not including  stamping fee)

About US$67 to US$95

Extra fees

Not required

Several expenses, such as postal costs, driving, and parking fees.





A visa application is typically completed among multiple processing steps. Using an agency to obtain a visa ensures that the request is processed within two business days. Furthermore, many forms of emergency Vietnam visa services are available, allowing Angola citizens to obtain a visa in as little as a few hours or one working day. 

However, Angola citizens' applications may take longer to process in specific instances. Satisfying all the essential requirements to obtain a Vietnam visa for Angola passport holders needs to be adhered to strictly.

Vietnam visa requirements for Angola citizens - processing time

The Vietnam visa requirements for Angola citizens need to be fulfilled seriously 

The longest wait time for Angola citizens is three working days, as usual. Angola residents only need to wait 15 minutes after receiving the letter to get a stamped visa on their passport with the precise visa details as specified in the letter and passport.

In summary, Angola citizens can obtain a Vietnam visa on arrival in an easy manner. This form of visa provides numerous benefits to both Angolans and other travelers. Angola citizens can receive a visa quickly by applying for an arrival visa to Vietnam. They do not need to submit their original passports to any Embassy of Vietnam before departure. 

Angola's visa fee to Vietnam is minimal, so most travelers can get a Vietnam visa on arrival at affordable prices.


To make visa procedures run smoothly, visitors need to follow several details below:

  • The kind of visa (embassy visa or visa on arrival) should be explicitly registered when visitors submit their applications.

  • The stamping charge should be paid in US dollars in cash.

  • If visitors cancel their trip after receiving visa permission, they can still obtain another visa approval letter for their revised trip itinerary.

  • Vietnam’s governments will not reimburse visa fees for foreigners regardless of their application rejections.


Vietnam is well-known for having numerous gorgeous landscapes that attract foreign visitors. However, many international tourists who visit Vietnam are ignorant of the best spots to visit. This post will provide ideas and experiences for foreign tourists planning to visit Vietnam in the near future.


Citizens may save a few pennies by taking the bus or train, but they'll lose a lot of time traveling these vast distances, not to mention that spending lengthy hours on the bus or train is a very taxing and tedious experience.

Plan their trip and book their flights in advance to ensure they have a variety of cheap options. Even though they are known for being a delayed airline, Vietjet Air is an affordable option. Vietnam Airlines is the best domestic airline if Angola citizens want more luxury and professional service and are willing to pay a higher ticket.

Crossing highways in Vietnam is likely to be an exciting experience that most tourists from more developed countries must experience. Before crossing, Angola must maintain a strong mental attitude and not be fearful or hesitant. Slowly settle into the automobile waves on the road, maintain a constant pace, and do not stop. The vehicles will automatically react to their movements.

Vietnam currency

When visiting Vietnam, Western travelers must exchange their money for Vietnamese dong. In July 2023, the USD/VND rate ranged between 23,800 VND, and the key to distinguishing between different denominations of money paper is to recognize the color and number inscribed on them.

Except in larger cities, ATMs are not located on every corner. In tiny communities, be careful to keep enough cash on hand.

Money transfer: It is recommended that Angola citizens bring USD, Euros, or other strong currencies with them and exchange them for Vietnam Dong. This can be done at the Vietnam airport or at one of the exchange shops in the city centers.

If visitors visit Hanoi, they can quickly exchange currencies on Ha Trung Street or Nguyen An Ninh Street in Ho Chi Minh City. Many Angola citizens have found that they may receive a better exchange rate at airports. The largest note is 500,000 VND, which represents approximately $22 USD. You may stay in a quality 2* hotel in Hanoi or Ho Chi Minh City for this price.

Be careful with your belongings

Although the people of Vietnam are quite friendly, there are numerous tourist-targeted frauds. Fake tours, terrible lodgings, overpriced bike rentals, and taxi meters are all common occurrences. Keep your eyes and ears open, and read service evaluations before making a reservation.

The Vietnam visa requirements for Angola citizens are presented in detail to help them conduct visa application processing quickly. Please contact us at +1 315 715 8498 or email [email protected] for more information and consultation on the specific circumstances under which Angolans obtain visas for Vietnam.

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