Vietnam Visa Requirements For Andorra Citizens Updated!

  • July 07,2023

A Vietnam visa is necessary for Andorra citizens arranging a trip to Vietnam. In this post, we'll look at the Vietnam visa requirements for Andorra citizens and the application process for the Vietnam travel visa. Tourists from Andorra will thoroughly research visa procedures for travel to Vietnam and make thorough preparations for their trip.


Vietnam visas are needed for visitors from Andorra to take a trip to this country. Moreover, citizens must fulfill the Vietnam tourist visa requirements for Andorra citizens and the Vietnam tourist visa requirements for Andorra citizens. 

Vietnam tourist visas

Vietnam business visas



Foreigners with Andorra passports should satisfy the following Vietnam visa requirements and entry criteria in addition to having a visa for Vietnam:

  • Passports from Andorra must be valid for at least six months after the date of arrival in Vietnam.

  • The passport of Andorra has at least two blank pages.


The E-Visa system has been resumed from 2022 until now, after the COVID-19 pandemic is under control. Currently, a Vietnam visa for Andorra passport holders can be obtained electronically. An approval letter can be submitted online after several days of work, depending on the types of visas visitors would like to get. All detailed information about the Vietnam E-Visa for Andorra citizens, which will be updated in 2023, is presented specifically.

Vietnam visa requirements for Andorra citizens - Vietnam E-Visas

The Vietnam visa requirements for Andorra citizens that visitors need to be aware of

General details about Vietnam E-Visas

For foreigners who desire to travel, engage in business activities, or transit through Vietnam for a period of no longer than 30 days, the Vietnam E-Visa introduced in February 2017 will be the priority option. Andorra citizens can get visas online with a current passport, which saves a lot of time and money.

The 30-day Vietnam E-Visa is a single-entry visa that is valid for those with Andorra passports. Citizens of Andorra who meet the Vietnam visa requirements can apply for one online using a smartphone or any other internet-connected device. The applicant will then receive the approved E-visa paperwork through email.

Holders of Andorra passports no longer have to pay stamping costs or wait in line upon arrival due to the convenience of the Vietnamese electronic visa system. Additionally, applying for a visa doesn't require Andorra nationals to travel far or prepare a ton of difficult paperwork.

Vietnam E-Visa types 

There is only one type of Vietnam E-Visa available for citizens of Andorra. It is a 30-day, single-entry visa that is completed in three working days.
With a Vietnam E-Visa, any Andorra passport holder may use their entry authorization for the following activities:

  • For experience in Vietnam's countryside: A tourist E-Visa for Vietnam allows for any leisure-related activity and is suitable for those who go on vacation, visit friends and family, or simply explore the nation.

  • For all trips with the intention of conducting business: With a Vietnam business E-Visa, Andorra citizens can conduct business negotiations, explore new business possibilities, or discuss potential future collaborations.

  • For transit purposes, The Vietnam transit E-Visa can be used by anyone transiting the country on their way to their final destination.

Required materials

The Vietnam visa requirements for Andorra citizens are simple and straightforward to follow. Residents of Andorra should just prepare the following two materials in order to submit a successful online application for a Vietnam E-Visa:

  • Passport photo on digital media

  • Photograph of the applicant

Applicants for Andorra can use their phones to snap a photo of their passport and identification. All of the information must be visible in the passport photo.

How to get a Vietnam E-Visa for Andorra citizens

Andorra nationals must apply for a visa online from home or any other location with internet access before traveling to Vietnam. For those with Andorra passports, applying for a Vietnam E-Visa just takes a short amount of time.

Spend a few minutes and follow this straightforward procedure to apply for a Vietnam E-Visa for residents of Andorra, and the granted visa will be sent directly to your email box:

  • Visitors must determine whether their visit is for business or tourist purposes before they can begin preparing the required information to fill out the application form. Then, citizens of Andorra must pay the E-Visa fee online using a secure payment option.

  • Last but not least, look in the visitor's mailbox for the confirmation code and a Vietnam E-Visa as a PDF document. Please print the received documents and bring them along with you on your whole trip to Vietnam.

  • Although it is advised to apply at least seven days before citizens' trips to Vietnam, processing for Andorrans to obtain a Vietnam E-Visa could take up to three business days.


General details

Tourists from Andorra typically believe they do not require a visa when planning their trip to Vietnam. However, Andorra does not belong to the list of countries that are exempt from the Vietnam entry visa requirement. In order to visit Vietnam, Andorra nationals must obtain a visa, ensure their passports have at least 6 months of validity, and consist of at least 2 blank visa-imprintable pages.

Vietnam visa requirements for Andorra citizens - visas on arrival

Vietnam visas on arrival for Andorra citizens with simplified procedures

Vietnam introduced the visa-on-arrival types with the aim of creating favorable conditions for citizens and simplifying the visa procedures. To be allowed to enter Vietnam at the international airport, Andorra citizens need to bring an approval letter with other documents.

In special situations, citizens of Andorra can spend a certain amount of money to expedite the visa processing time. The Vietnam tourist visa requirements and Vietnam business visa requirements will include each of these cases fees. It is not encouraged to apply for visas less than 10 days in advance to avoid rush situations.

Relevant documents 

Andorra residents don't need to provide any visa documents when requesting an approval letter online. On the other hand, the following materials are needed in order to obtain a Vietnam visa on arrival at the airport: Passport for Andorra, entry and exit forms, a letter approving the visa, two 4×6-inch photos, and stamping cost paid in cash

When Andorra travelers arrive in Vietnam, they must carefully prepare the aforementioned documents and present them at the "immigration counter" there. The visa documents of Andorra residents will be evaluated by the immigration officers who are responsible for entry procedures at the airport.

Visa on arrival procedures

Obtaining a visa at the airport when traveling to Vietnam is known as "visa on arrival." This method involves first receiving an approval letter for an entry permit.

By following these easy steps, citizens of Andorra can obtain Vietnam visas quickly:

  • The Vietnamese government website is where Andorra citizens must first apply online for an approval letter. The online application form must be completely filled out before being confirmed, and a prepayment must be made. 

  • Visitors will get the acceptance letter by email following the processing period. This letter must be printed out in hard copy form, and Andorra citizens must provide it to the immigration officer when they arrive in Vietnam to receive their visa.


Andorra passport holders can apply for a Vietnam visa at the Embassy or Consulate of Vietnam. However, there is no Vietnamese Embassy or Consulate in Andorra. If Andorra wants to get a Vietnam visa this way, they have to come to another country to submit the documents. The Vietnam visa will be granted by the Vietnam Immigration Department within 5–7 working days.

Andorra citizens need to submit these documents to get a visa at the Vietnamese Embassy. Original passports that are valid for more than 6 months, 2 photos sized 4x6cm on a white background, a visa application form, and an approval letter for the visa are the main things. Moreover, some other forms to prove the travel purpose, such as flight tickets and hotel bookings, are required by the Vietnamese governments.


For those with Andorra passports, these are the visa costs for Vietnam:

  • Vietnam visa fees for Andorra passport holders for tourist purposes: For more information, feel free to contact us at +1 315 715 8498 or email

  • Vietnam business visa prices for Andorra residents

Business days

Visa fees (USD/passenger)

5 – 7 days


3 days

☎ +1 315 715 8498

The stamping cost that must be paid at the Vietnam Embassy or airport for the visa stamping is not included in this fee. This table only covers fees for helping to get the visa approval letter.

In conclusion, Andorra visitors can apply for a Vietnam visa in a variety of ways, but they must meet all the Vietnam visa requirements for Andorra citizens. However, getting E-Visas is the most practical and time-saving option for citizens of Andorra. Simply follow the instructions above to obtain their Vietnam visa and get ready for their vacation there! Please feel free to contact us at +1 315 715 8498 or email if visitors have any additional questions about getting a Vietnam visa.

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