[NEWS] Vietnam Visa Requirements For American Samoa Citizens

  • August 18,2023

Following strictly the Vietnam visa requirements for American Samoa citizens is an essential step in visa procedures. Visitors can get a valid visa to experience all of Vietnam's beautiful scenery. Regardless of their travel objectives, visitors need to read this article below to get full information about the Vietnam visa for American Samoa passport holders.


American Samoa is not on the list of countries that are eligible for the Vietnam visa exemption. Therefore, getting a visa gives visitors permission to enter and commute inside this nation without any restrictions.

To make the application procedures run smoothly, it is advised to prepare all the required materials in advance. One of the essential steps that visitors need to pay attention to is guaranteeing their visa validity for at least six months. No less than two blank pages in foreigners’ passports is one of the compulsory Vietnam visa requirements for American Samoa citizens.

After that, determining the extended length of visit provides a basic foundation for expats to choose their appropriate visa types. Before packing your bags to have a nice trip in Vietnam, remember to check all visa-related information and make a detailed travel itinerary.


Currently, residents of American Samoa are entitled to get a Vietnam visa on arrival online or at a Vietnamese Embassy.

Vietnam visa requirements for American Samoa citizens - visa procedures

Visa procedures must be strictly followed to help visitors have a meaningful vacation in Vietnam

American Samoa citizens can register for a visa online

A connected internet device is required for American Samoa passport holders to apply for a Vietnam visa on arrival. After submitting the Vietnam visa application online at the Vietnam Immigration Department's website, foreigners need to pay the visa approval fee by credit card via OnePal, PayPal, Western Union, or bank transfer. 

After 5-7 working days, they will receive a visa approval letter through email from the Vietnam Immigration Department. A Vietnam visa stamp will be stuck on foreigners' passports if they show a hard copy of this letter along with their passport to an immigration officer at any international airport in Vietnam.

Due to the rigorousness of the Vietnam visa requirements for American Samoa citizens on arrival, only citizens of this nation who fly to Vietnam must be allowed to get a visa through this visa application method.

Get a Vietnam Embassy visa for American Samoa residents

In reality, the Vietnamese government has not yet established an Embassy in American Samoa. Therefore, American Samoa citizens need to refer to the nearest Vietnam Embassy to learn about the detailed Vietnam visa fee, processing time, and required documents. Thanks to this step, foreigners have a deeper insight into the visa and the Vietnam visa requirements for American Samoa citizens.

After getting proper confirmation from the Embassy, American Samoans must apply for a Vietnam Embassy visa by visiting this office and finalizing all visa formalities. It is noted that all Vietnam visa applications from American Samoa may not be approved by the Embassy. 

Therefore, it is important to be careful that no mistakes occur when visitors register their visas themselves at the Vietnamese Embassy. Don't worry if foreigners need to wait for 5 working days to a week to receive their Vietnam visa for American Samoa passport holders’ results.

Many American Samoa citizens find the Embassy visa too disadvantageous for them to get when taking a trip to Vietnam. One of the biggest challenges that visitors must face when choosing this visa application method is the location of the Vietnamese Embassy.

Because there is currently no Vietnamese government representative office in American Samoa, citizens or residents of American Samoa can find alternative options for a visa to Vietnam in one of two ways:

  • Apply for a visa on arrival if foreigners are coming to Vietnam by air only. A visa is picked up at the arrival airport in Vietnam with a legal approval letter provided in advance by the Vietnam Immigration Department.

  • Visit the nearest Vietnam Embassy in person in Mexico and Canada to have a visa issued for their trip in advance.


For each travel’ purpose, foreigners can choose suitable visa types in a convenient manner. 

Vietnam visas on arrival

Vietnam Embassy visas

The Vietnamese government doesn't need to submit passports when conducting visa procedures online. 

Visitors are required to give the officer their original passports to process their visas.

There is no need to meet the employees of immigration officials directly. They can rent a visa representative to help them obtain their visas.

Discuss all visa stages directly with an employee of the Vietnamese Embassy.

It is a time-saving option for American Samoa residents who have limited leisure time. Foreigners can get a response to their visa requests in 2-3 working days.

It takes more time for visitors to wait for their visas to be processed (normally 05-07 working days as usual).

Waiting in line at the immigration counter at an arrival airport in Vietnam to get a visa stamp. However, foreigners can get their visa stamped without queuing by using the fast-track service.

Before entering Vietnam, foreigners must get a visa stamped in their passports.

The visa process will be completely conducted online.

Visitors' physical visits to the nearest Vietnamese Embassy are needed to get all their personal information.

This is very useful for individuals who live far away from the Vietnamese Embassy. Foreigners who stay in a nation where the Vietnamese Embassy does not exist can consider this visa type.

Difficult for people who reside far from the Vietnamese Embassy or who do not have a Vietnamese Embassy in their country.

Foreigners cannot get a Vietnam visa on arrival themselves or through recognized travel agencies or organizations in Vietnam.

Visitors must finalize all visa stages without support. 

Applied to visitors who travel to Vietnam by air.

Visitors can complete their entry into Vietnam at any designated checkpoint.


The Vietnam visa is classified into four kinds, each with a different validity period and number of permitted entries. The visa types are clearly listed below for your reference:

  • 1 month single Vietnam visa: This form of Vietnam visa allows foreigners to explore the nation only once every 30 days (1 month).

  • 1 month multiple Vietnam visa: By acquiring this Vietnam visa category, American Samoa residents can enter and exit Vietnam many times within a single month.

  • A 3-month single Vietnam visa allows expats to enter and exit Vietnam once every three months.


Like citizens of other countries, American Samoa is required to pay two kinds of fees when getting a Vietnam visa: an approval fee and a stamping fee. If citizens of American Samoa register online for a Vietnam visa on arrival, those kinds of fees will not be paid at the same time.

The approval fee is paid for processing visa approval letters for visitors, so it should be paid before they send their Vietnam visa requests to the Vietnam Immigration Department. 

The applied fee for American Samoa passport holders is USD 240 per person for a 1-month single Vietnam visa and USD 290 per person for a 1-month multiple, 3-month single, and multiple Vietnam visa. If expats enter Vietnam to do business and have a Vietnamese company make guarantees for them throughout their stay, the approval price will be lower, ranging from USD 150 to USD 200 for one person.

Vietnam visa requirements for American Samoa citizens - visa fees

Vietnam visa fees for American Samoa citizens in detail

The stamping fee is the cost foreigners pay to get their Vietnam visa stamped onto their passports at one of three Vietnam international airports (Noi Bai-Ha Noi, Da Nang-Da Nang, and Tan Son Nhat-Ho Chi Minh City). 

The current stamping charge is the same for all citizens worldwide. It is USD 45 per person for a single visa (1 month and 3 months) and USD 65 per person for multiple Vietnam visas of no more than 29 days. Another fee is USD 95 per person for multiple Vietnam visas of more than 29 days but less than 90 days.


Currently, Vietnam immigration laws allow foreigners, including American Samoa passport holders, to apply for a Vietnam visa with a maximum validity of three months. However, foreigners can utilize the extension service to extend their Vietnam visas for one month or three months. By employing this service, expats can stay in Vietnam without leaving until their Vietnam visa expires. American Samoa passport holders should extend their Vietnam visa by 7 to 10 working days before it expires.

To extend their Vietnam visa, follow the steps outlined below:

  • To begin the visa process, visitors need to send a scanned copy of their passports, including all Vietnam visa pages, to the Vietnam Immigration Department. Foreigners need to consult with the Vietnam Immigration Department, which will advise them on the optimum extension fee, processing time, and required document(s) to prolong.

  • Then, bring their passports to their offices to have their visas extended.

  • After a few business days, foreigners must return to this office to pick up their passports and a new visa for Vietnam.

If American Samoa passport holders must depart Vietnam before the expiration date of their Vietnam visa, they should reapply for a new one in another country near Vietnam. This option saves you time and money because applying for a new Vietnam visa is faster, cheaper, and easier than extending your visa. Thanks to positive changes in the Vietnam Immigration Department's immigration policy, citizens of American Samoa and other nations can easily obtain Vietnam visas.

For more information about the Vietnam visa requirements for American Samoa citizens, please contact us at +1 315 715 8498 or email [email protected] . Refer to our service to complete all the visa formalities in the right manner as soon as possible.

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