Vietnam Visa Requirements For Algerian Citizens Updated!

  • July 11,2023
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The Vietnam visa requirements for Algerian citizens are absolutely information visitors need to care about. Gaining knowledge of visas, such as fees, types, and validity, is vital to making the visa procedures run more smoothly. This post attempts to provide related information on Vietnam visa requirements for Algerian passport holders. 


To satisfy the visa criteria, visitors are required to have a general overview of the visa aspects. At every stage of development, the Vietnam visa requirements for Algerian citizens undergo modifications. Depending on the visa categories, visa criteria can be flexible, as follows:

Vietnam visa requirements for Algerian citizens - visa criteria

Visitors need to fulfill the Vietnam visa requirements for Algerian citizens

Passport validity

One of the most critical steps that visitors need to complete before applying to Vietnam is renewing their passports. So in which case do visitors not need to conduct this step? 

  • First, Algerian passports have enough blanks left to get a visa stamped.

  • Second, visitors must  maintain their passport's validity for no less than six months beyond their expected length of stay in Vietnam.

Visa application form 

All information needs to be filled out accurately and faithfully in the visa application form. Visitors can visit the Vietnamese Embassy in their country to pick up visa forms. Another way for foreigners to get an application is to access the Vietnam Immigration Department website and provide information online. 

Two personal photos

Travelers take responsibility for providing two passport-sized photos to the Vietnamese government. These photos need to fulfill several requirements, as follows:

  • These were taken recently.

  • Without glasses

  • Look straight into the camera.

  • Full face

  • The background’s color is white. 

It is highly recommended that visitors check the specific dimensions to ensure each Embassy’s criteria.

Travel itinerary

Foreigners can prepare a copy of the travel itinerary or a booked round-trip ticket. It is evidence proving that visitors will visit Vietnam at the designated time.

Proof of accommodation

Visitors are required to show their official materials to the immigration officer, such as hotel reservations, as proof of their hotel or relative's home addresses.

Means of finance

It is critical for visitors to present the evidence necessary to prove their payment ability. Some documents that might be useful in this situation are bank or credit card bills.

An approval letter

Prior to traveling to Vietnam, foreigners must submit the visa form to get a visa approval letter. Customs will not allow visitors to complete their entry into Vietnam according to the Vietnam visa requirements for Algerian citizens on arrival if they lack this letter.

Visitors are required to prepare additional materials depending on the visa categories that they are applying for. It is not useless for visitors to consult the Vietnam Embassy in their country to check the latest data for their trips. Many foreigners feel regretful about failing to obtain Vietnam visas because they don't check for updated visa details in advance.


To finalize visa procedures quickly, Algerian passport holders need to follow several simple steps below:

Vietnam visa requirements for Algerian citizens - visa procedures

Vietnam visa procedures are vital for visitors to gain knowledge about before obtaining a visa

Determine the appropriate visa options

Which criteria can visitors rely on to know whether visa types are suitable for them? Conventionally, there are two factors for foreigners to consider when choosing the types of visas: travel goals and length of stay. There are a variety of visa options for visitors to apply for during their vacation.

Collect all the required materials

The Vietnam visa requirements for Algerian citizens need to be fulfilled when visitors conduct the collection and processing of information.

Filling out the application form

Visitors must enter information into the visa application in a precise and legible manner. If any errors or inconsistencies occur, the visa request will not be accepted. So verifying each piece of information provided again is a vital step that visitors need to implement.

Submitting visa forms to the Vietnam Immigration Department

The required materials and application forms must be submitted to the Vietnamese Embassy or Consulate in Algeria. In accordance with the Embassy’s visa regulations, visitors can complete the visa procedures in person or online through the electronic system.

Make a visa payment

When foreigners conduct Vietnam visa application processing, paying the visa fees needs to be completed simultaneously. The visa categories and processing time are two aspects that impact how much visitors need to pay.

Processing time

Visitors can apply for visas at any Vietnamese Embassy in their country in the normal 3-5 working days. Submitting the forms too late can run the risk of facing visa application rejections and a lack of time to solve unexpected issues.

Get a visa result

Citizens can pick up their visas directly from the Embassy or Consulate after they have been processed and granted. The visa may also be mailed to them if visitors request this service while completing the submission.


To meet the numerous travel demands of visitors, various categories of visas were introduced. Several common types of visas are available for Algerian citizens to choose from:

Types of visas

Tourist visa

Business visa

Work visa

Student visa

Diplomatic visa

Transit visa

Another name



LD, DT, and DN




Applicable object

Individuals who travel to Vietnam for tourist goals or visit their families, relatives, or friends.

For those who have the intention to join business activities in Vietnam for a period of time

For individuals who would like to seize their career opportunities in the Vietnam market.


  • A sponsoring company is needed.
  • More required documents. 

For those who intend to experience the Vietnam educational course. 

For citizens who come to Vietnam for political concerns.

Visa types are launched based on the relationship between two countries. 

For those who consider Vietnam a stopover for their trips to other countries.

Time of entries

Single or multiple

Single or multiple



Single or Multiple



According to the kind of visa and the demand of the visitors, the validity and length of Vietnam visas issued to Algerian tourists vary. Here are some important things that foreigners must be aware of:

A Vietnam visa's lawful period of validity for admission into Vietnam is referred to as the visa's validity. It denotes the time frame within which a traveler must arrive in Vietnam.

The length of stay specifies the maximum number of days that visitors can stay in Vietnam after arriving with a valid visa. It is critical to remember that exceeding the permitted time can result in penalties and legal issues.

Single-entry and multiple-entry permits are the two different kinds of Vietnam visas. A single-entry visa only allows visitors to come to Vietnam and depart once. For longer entry times, it is essential for foreigners to apply for multiple-entry visas.

In some circumstances, travelers from Algeria who are already in Vietnam may apply for a visa extension in order to stay beyond the initially allotted amount of time. Extension applications must be submitted to the Vietnamese Immigration Department prior to the expiration date of the visa.

The particular validity and period for each sort of visa may vary. For instance, single-entry and multiple-entry options for tourist visas are usually available, and the relevant validity periods are 30 and 90 days. Longer visa validity periods may allow for more frequent entry and extended stays. It is essential to review the visa details to make sure all the indicated requirements are adhered to.


The prices for obtaining a Vietnam visa for Algerian passport holders include the cost of the application, the processing fee, and maybe other service fees. Here are some crucial specifics regarding Vietnam visa fees for Algerian passport holders:

Vietnam visa requirements for Algerian citizens - visa fees

Visitors must pay a visa fee when they apply for Vietnam visas to enter Vietnam

Visa application fees

The visa application fee is not refundable and must be paid in full at the time the visa application is submitted. The cost of each visa is determined by visa categories and the Embassies or Consulates requirements.

Processing fees

In addition to the application fee, there can be a processing fee. This fee pays for the administrative costs related to processing the visa application. Processing charges vary depending on the Embassy or Consulate.

Service fees

In the event that applicants want to work with a travel agency or a business that manages visas, there can be additional service charges. These costs cover the cost of the organization's assistance with visa processing, document screening, and application preparation.


Travelers from Algeria wishing to enter Vietnam must provide specific supporting papers. Particular documents are stipulated in the Vietnam tourist visa requirements for Algerian citizens and the Vietnam business visa requirements for Algerian citizens. The following examples of usual documents are required:


A passport with at least six more months left on it after the estimated length of stay in Vietnam.

Application for a visa

A completed and accurately filled-out application for visas is essential before submitting the required documents to the Vietnamese government. It is necessary to submit current, passport-sized photos that adhere to the Embassies or Consulates specifications.

Flight schedule

A verified round-trip ticket or a copy of the flight itinerary with the entry and departure dates from Vietnam is needed. 

Proof of accommodation

Documentary evidence, such as hotel reservations or letters of invitation, of the lodging arrangements made during the travel to Vietnam.

Financial means

Proof that visitors have the resources to cover the visit's expenses, such as bank or credit card statements, is important for Algerian citizens to prepare. A visa acceptance letter obtained through a travel agency or sponsor in Vietnam is necessary (if applicable) for some types of visas.

These are common supporting documents when requesting a visa to Vietnam. However, relevant documents may be needed based on the specific visa categories and the reason for their visits.

For instance:

  • Business visa: Applicants may additionally be required to submit a letter from the Vietnamese company or organization that is hosting them, detailing the purpose and duration of their stay.

  • Work Visa: For work visas, extra documentation is required, such as an employment contract, a work permit, and government approval from Vietnam.

  • Student Visa: Those applying for a student visa must provide documentation proving their attendance at a Vietnamese university or college, such as an acceptance letter or enrollment confirmation.


The Vietnam Visa on Arrival (VOA) is a simple option for travelers from Algeria who are traveling to Vietnam. Visitors can utilize VOA to obtain their visa when landing in Vietnam at one of the reputable international airports. The key facts about VOA are as follows:


The VOA option is available to travelers flying to Vietnam from Algeria and many other countries.

Pre-approval letter

Prior to departure, applicants must get a visa acceptance letter from a trustworthy travel agency or online visa provider. This letter gives visitors the official go-ahead to pick up their visas at the airport.

Airport procedures

When arriving at one of the authorized airports (Hanoi, Ho Chi Minh City, Da Nang, or Nha Trang), applicants must produce their passport, a letter approving their visa, a completed entry-exit form, and two passport-sized pictures. After paying the cash stamping fee, they will have their passports stamped with their visa.

Only one entry time

A single entry is allowed with a visa on arrival. If visitors intend to enter Vietnam multiple times, it is highly recommended for them to request different types of visas before departing.

Processing time

The processing time for the visa approval letter may vary depending on the travel agency or online service visitors select. It is advisable to apply for Vietnam visas in advance to ensure that the letter is received before the visitors’ flights.

The Vietnam government offers a convenient and time-saving option for Algerian passport holders. However, it is essential to get visa approval letters in advance and understand the visa procedures before traveling to Vietnam.


An alternate option for Algerian passport holders is the Vietnam E-Visa. By permitting online applications, the E-Visa eliminates the need to visit the Embassy or Consulate. The following is crucial information about the E-Visa:

  • The Vietnam E-Visa is available to citizens of Algeria and a significant number of other countries.

  • The Vietnamese government's website or the website of another recognized partner must be used to submit the E-Visa application. It is necessary to fill out the data, upload the supporting files, and pay for the necessary costs.

  • The Vietnam E-Visa permits a single-entry visit with a 30-day maximum stay. The traveler must enter Vietnam within the E-Visa's allotted time frame, which is typically 30 days.

The Vietnam E-Visa gives Algerian passport holders a straightforward and useful process to get a visa. It is essential to carefully study the application instructions and meet all requirements if visitors want to ensure that their E-Visa will be issued successfully.


The following suggestions might be useful for Algerian travelers to ensure a quick and efficient visa application process:

Plan ahead

Start the visa application process far in advance to allow for any unforeseen delays or extra documentation requirements.

Required examinations

Make sure you completely comprehend the visa requirements and acquire all necessary papers to avoid any delays or problems.

Follow the directions

Be sure to carefully follow the directions provided by the Vietnamese Embassy or Consulate regarding the application process, including the right way to fill out the form and the specifications for the photo and signature.

Choose the correct visa type

The type of visa visitors need will depend on the length of their stay and the purpose of their trip. It is critical for foreigners to satisfy the requirements for that particular visa category.

Consult a professional

Visitors might like to consider seeking assistance from a reliable travel agency or expedited visa processing service if they find the visa application process challenging or cumbersome. 

Check all the information carefully

Verify all of the information provided before submitting the visa application form and any supporting documentation. Make sure everything is exact and consistent before sending all materials to the Vietnam Immigration Department to reduce the risk of visa requests being rejected.

Give the Vietnam government enough processing time

Apply for citizens' visas well in advance to give their applications enough time to be processed. If visitors want to apply through a conventional Embassy or Consulate, they also must do so.

Retain copies of visa documents

Make copies of every document foreigners submit to the Vietnam Immigration Department for their visa records. Always have backup copies on hand in case they ever need them.

Update information regularly

It is vital to keep up with any changes to visa requirements or procedures by frequently checking the website of the Vietnamese Embassy or Consulate in Algeria.

By following these suggestions, Algerian travelers will have a higher chance of receiving a visa and being able to enter Vietnam without difficulty.

The Vietnam visa requirements for Algerian citizens are presented carefully in this article. If visitors comply strictly with visa instructions, they can have a hassle-free experience when obtaining a Vietnam visa. Contact us at +1 315 715 8498 or email [email protected] to solve any visa concerns.

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