How To Meet Vietnam Visa Requirements For Albania Citizens

  • July 24,2023

It is smart for visitors to learn about the Vietnam visa requirements for Albania citizens before their trips. It is the basis for them to establish their travel itinerary as well as reasonable expenses. Visitors can fail to start their trips on schedule due to a lack of a visa. Let’s find out more about visa criteria to make visa procedures run smoothly.


To enter and travel legally in Vietnam, visitors must fulfill the Vietnam visa requirements for Albania citizens. We can see how the importance of visas impacts the success of visitors’ journeys. It is not acceptable for citizens of Albania to set foot in Vietnam without a visa. Moreover, other factors also need to be learned to choose the best visa types before applying for a visa.

To boost the development of tourism, Vietnam’s authorities allow foreigners to get visas to come to Vietnam through simplified procedures. To satisfy all the demand for short-term or long-term trips, Vietnam offers more choice relating to the types of visas. To determine which kind is suitable for them to get, visitors need to understand their travel objectives. 

Although Vietnam enacted the law that approved visitors to enter Vietnam under the visa waiver program, Albania is not included on the list of Vietnam’s visa-free countries. That is the reason why Albania citizens need to register for a visa prior to entering beautiful Vietnam. Residents of Albania wonder: “Can they enter this country without visas or not? The answer is “yes” because Phu Quoc Island welcomes foreigners without any entry requirements. 


With the goal of increasing tourism in Phu Quoc Island's special economic zone, the Vietnamese government enacted a special law on Phu Quoc Island admission and residence. These regulations apply to Vietnamese overseas and foreigners who visited and resided on the island. According to this legislation, all foreign visitors staying in Phu Quoc for fewer than 30 days do not require a Vietnam visa. This rule may appear clear, but there is tremendous confusion in practice.

Vietnam visa requirements for Albania citizens - a Phu Quoc visa exemption

Vietnam enacted the Phu Quoc visa exemption for visitors who wish to visit this country without restrictions

Albania citizens can be exempt from a visa requirement for visitors to the awesome Phu Quoc Island. It means that visitors can enjoy this island without having to get visas in advance. To set foot on Phu Quoc Island successfully, Albania citizens need to note several related issues.

  • The visa-free regime on Phu Quoc Island applies only to visitors from Albania who stay on the island. To be qualified to fly to Phu Quoc, visitors must complete the visa formalities and pass the security check at the airport.

  • The visa exemption policy for Phu Quoc only applies to direct flights to the island or transit flights in other countries (other than Vietnam). If foreigners are commuting to Phu Quoc by domestic airline, they must obtain a visa (since they must transfer to a domestic airport to fly to Phu Quoc). In this instance, foreigners are advised to get a transit visa or a visa on arrival at a domestic airport in Vietnam in advance.

  • Only visitors who would like to enjoy their vacations in Phu Quoc are allowed to take advantage of this policy. To engage in any business activities, please refer to the Vietnam business visa requirements for Albania citizens. 


To make the visa processing time quicker, visitors need to be knowledgeable about the visa aspects. It is essential for visitors from Albania to know several useful details below:

Vietnam visa requirements for Albania citizens - visa  policies

Visitors need to fulfill the Vietnam visa requirements strictly for Albania citizens 

Vietnam visa validity for Albania citizens in 2023

One of the most important elements that affect visa validity is the visa category. For each visa type, visitors can stay in Vietnam for numerous lengths of time. The average length of stay can often range from a few days to five years. Individuals need to reside in Vietnam for a short time if they would like to enjoy their quick vacation. 

For those who intend to stay for a long period of time, it is necessary to consider the Vietnam visa requirements for the appropriate visa. Several options here can meet visitors’ demand for obtaining a visa for their journeys.

Types of visas

Applicable objects

Duration of stay

1-month validity visa

For those who only stay in Vietnam for a short time.

A maximum of 30 days.

3-month validity visa

Individuals come to Vietnam and stay long-term. 

A maximum of 3 months

Long-term visa type

For visitors who would like to work or study in Vietnam.

6 months, 1 year, or a longer period of time.

Can Albania citizens enter Vietnam multiple times with their valid visas?

Depending on the applicant's desire, Vietnamese visas can be used many times or only once. Multiple-entry visas are easy for Albania citizens to obtain with simplified processing. Completing the visa form will provide the Vietnam government with all personal information for identification processing. 

Visitors find it convenient to get multiple-entry visas instead of single-entry visas as usual. To save on visa expenses, a single visa is suggested for residents of Albania to enjoy their short trips in Vietnam.

Documents required for Albanians to apply for a Vietnamese visa

Vietnam visas are relatively easy for Albania citizens to obtain by preparing some required documents, such as a passport (valid for at least six months) and some supporting documents. To prove the visit objectives, round-trip tickets, hotel reservations, or business invitations can be added to the visa application.

Citizens from Albania who might obtain visas themselves can finalize the visa application form directly on the Vietnamese government's website. Then, they can verify the proper visa categories for their trips and get a suitable one complying with the Vietnam visa requirements for Albania citizens.

How long does it take an Albania citizen to get a Vietnam visa?

Following receipt of visitors' visa applications, the Vietnamese Immigration Department will review and issue the visa within two working days. To create the best conditions for visitors to speed up the visa procedures, visa handling processing can take place quicker. However, the Vietnamese government must guarantee to inform visitors from Albania of the visa results in no more than 7 days. As a result, visitors are advised to get a Vietnam visa at least 10 days before departure to avoid any unpredictable situations.

Can Albanian citizens acquire an urgent Vietnam visa?

Vietnamese authorities allow visitors to get an urgent visa for special circumstances, and they need to board the flight a few hours later. The Immigration Department of Vietnam will prioritize handling these visa types, but additional visa fees will be added to the total visa expenses that visitors need to pay. If visitors don't need to pay too much money when they conduct visa procedures, they need to consider applying for one in advance.

One alternative for visitors to Albania to get a visa faster is to utilize our visa services. We specialize in supporting foreigners to make the visa procedures go more smoothly. Foreigners can get a refund for their visa application rejections from us. So, it is highly recommended for citizens of Albania to refer to our websites to get more information.


There are three ways for Albania citizens to register for a visa to enter Vietnam:

Vietnam visa requirements for Albania citizens - visa instructions

Vietnam visa procedures for Alania citizens to follow when traveling to this country

Get an embassy visa in Albania

This is a complex method that takes a lot of time for Albania citizens to conduct. Foreigners must visit the Vietnamese Embassy or Consulate in person rather than completing the form on the Vietnamese government's official website or sending their passports and other essential documents.

However, difficulties may arise at times, causing visitors to feel concerned. Furthermore, visitors have no control over the cost and must pay extra money while wasting a lot of time to complete it.

However, because the Vietnam Embassy or Consulate in Albania has not yet been formed, you must contact the Vietnam Embassy in Hungary for the visa application. Because this method is inconvenient, we recommend applying for a visa through Vietnam Visa on Arrival, or E-Visa.

Vietnam visas on arrival for Albania citizens 

If visiting the Vietnam Embassy in nearby countries is problematic for visitors, they may choose a Vietnam visa on arrival to simplify the visa application process. Visa on arrival is an alternative method of acquiring a visa to Vietnam to the standard method of obtaining a visa at a Vietnam Embassy or Consulate. A visa on arrival is only required for individuals traveling to Vietnam via airline, not by sea or land.

An electronic system has been introduced to give visitors worldwide the best initiative when obtaining a visa. Filling out the form to give the Vietnamese government a general overview of visitors. No country can allow foreigners to freely commute inside its territory as a political security solution. 

Visitors from Albania must access the Vietnamese government's website to fill out the visa form and submit it to complete the visa application procedures. Ensuring the Internet connection is in good condition to reduce the rate of interruption when conducting the visa processing. Visitors highly evaluate these visa options because of their quickness, safety, and convenience. It is not compulsory to send foreigners’ passports many times, so the losing issues will be controlled.

Albania citizens will receive email confirmation of their visa status within 1-2 business hours. Normally, visitors will receive the E-Visa within 24-48 business hours of submitting their visa application online from Albania and paying the Vietnam visa application cost. 

In an emergency, Vietnamese authorities will process their visa in 30 minutes to 4 hours and send them the visa result through email before they board the airline. Albania residents will finalize entry into Vietnam as soon as they arrive after showing enough required documents.


Our firm offers the best option for visitors from Albania to take into account before beginning their trips in Vietnam. The Vietnam tourist visa requirements for Albania citizens stipulate the total fees for visitors’ reference. This table provides visitors with further information on how much foreigners need to cover in order to obtain tourist visas.

Handling time

Fees for tourist visas (USD/passengers)

7–10 business days


Urgent visa

☎+1 315 715 8498

This figure only covers the cost of paying for our assistance with a visitor's visa approval letter. Foreigners need to pay the stamping fee that is included in the Vietnam visa requirements for Albania citizens.

Fees that visitors need to pay for obtaining a Vietnam visa for Albania passport holders are presented below:

Handling time

Fees for business visas (USD/passenger)

5 – 7 days


3 days

☎+1 315 715 8498


To protect themselves from unexpected situations, please remember some things that we mention below:

  • Make sure visitors purchase their SIM cards from a reputable service provider in Vietnam if they want decent phone or internet service. Foreigners might also try purchasing a Tourist SIM card at the airport. There are usually a few telecom booths or businesses to pick from. The most popular brands are Viettel, Mobifone, and Vinaphone.

  • When visiting local homes and religious places, etc., dress modestly and respectfully. If visitors want to make a favorable impression, make an offering to the gods and deposit a donation in the box.

  • Protect your valuable items in the hotel safe box at all times.

  • When crossing the street, especially in Ho Chi Minh city, visitors are advised to keep looking to the left and right and walk gently! Make eye contact with approaching motorcycles and ensure that they see you so that they can avoid you.

  • Wear a mask when strolling through cities to avoid inhaling automobile fumes and other irritating odors.

  • Don't give money to beggars or minority groups; instead, donate to a local charity or provide a little gift, such as pens.

  • Before shooting images, always seek permission, especially in minority regions.

  • Albanians struggle to discern between 100,000 and 10,000, or 20,000 and 500,000. While most Vietnamese are honest and used to foreigners struggling for the correct money amounts, a handful will actively try to take advantage of you. Take your time counting the zeroes, or you'll make someone extremely happy unintentionally.

  • The spring season is ideal for visiting Saigon, the Mekong Delta, Hoi An, and Hanoi, as well as Halong Bay.

  • Prepare to haggle, especially at markets, where you should pay around half of the asking amount (unless at fixed-price stores).

  • Because Vietnam is hot and humid in the summer, you can leave your jeans at home. In contrast to Saigon, Hanoi has four seasons, with very hot and sticky summers and very cold and humid winters. Pack accordingly if you want to visit between November and January.

All this information can clarify all visa concerns about the Vietnam visa requirements for Albania citizens. We hope that this article can help visitors get a visa easily. Contact us at +1 315 715 8498 or email [email protected] if you would like to get further information about visa criteria. 

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