All About Vietnam Visa Requirements For Afghanistan Citizens 

  • July 22,2023

Foreigners who hold Afghanistan passports can freely visit all regions of Vietnam with valid passports. Getting the bare minimum knowledge about the Vietnam visa requirements for Afghanistan citizens is essential. This post will show visitors more details about this topic!


General information

Vietnam enacted regulations allowing visitors to travel inside the country for any specific purpose without a visa. It is regarded as a "Vietnam Visa Waiver Program". Immigration laws don't allow Afghanistan to be exempt from visas when visiting Vietnam. It means that Afghanistan passport holders traveling to Vietnam for tourism or business must apply for a visa ahead of time.

However, visitors from Afghanistan can visit Phu Quoc Island as an exception. A duration of no more than 30 days is imposed to allow foreigners to experience this island. Individuals who would like to visit other areas of Vietnam must apply for a Vietnam visa according to the Vietnam visa requirements for Afghanistan citizens.

Phu Quoc visa exemption for Afghanistan citizens

As a result, Afghanistan citizens can visit Phu Quoc Island and enjoy themselves without having to apply for a visa in advance. However, the following information is important for Afghanistan citizens seeking visa exemption on Phu Quoc Island:

Vietnam visa requirements for Afghanistan-citizens - the Phu Quoc visa exemption

Phu Quoc’s visa exemption allows visitors from Afghanistan to have a meaningful trip without any restriction

Prime Minister Nguyen Tan Dung has issued a law that allows foreigners to visit Phu Quoc Island, staying for a maximum of 30 days. As a result, Afghanistan citizens can have a vacation on Phu Quoc Island and enjoy themselves without having to register for Vietnam visas in advance. However, the following information is critical for Afghan passport holders seeking visa exemption on Phu Quoc Island:

  • Vietnam restricts the area that visitors can visit if they take advantage of the Phu Quoc visa exemption. It means that foreigners can travel to other regions of Vietnam during their trips. To be eligible to depart the island and come to any beautiful destination all over the country, Afghanistan residents need a visa.

  • Direct flights to the island or transit flights in other countries (other than Vietnam) are available for visitors to consider. However, when foreigners land at any international airport outside the checkpoints on Phu Quoc Island, presenting a visa to customs is a mandatory step.

  • To serve tourists who intend to have a vacation in Vietnam, the 30-day visa exemption takes effect on March 10. To work or engage in any commercial activities, visitors can refer to the appropriate visa for their travel objectives at the Vietnam government website.


The concern related to Vietnam visa requirements for Afghanistan in 2023 was on all visitors' minds. It is high time for visitors to get updated information about visa-related issues. Look over the information below to get a better grasp of the Vietnam visa.

Vietnam visa requirements for Afghanistan citizens -   visa criteria

The Vietnam visa requirements for Afghanistan citizens must be fulfilled to get a visa successfully

Vietnam visa validity for Afghanistan citizens

The validity of the visa depends on the type of visa that visitors apply for. Currently, a Vietnam visa for Afghanistan passport holders is separated into two separate types, with durations ranging from a few days to a month:

A few-day validity visa

Depending on the intended time for Vietnam trips, Afghanistan citizens can obtain visas for the exact number of days they intend to stay. With this form of visa, visitors must request specific entry and leave dates as well as prepare all relevant documents, such as round-trip flying tickets and hotel reservations.

1-month and 3-month validity visas

This form of visa is for individuals who need to travel to Vietnam for an extended period of time. Foreigners must submit round-trip flying tickets as well as hotel reservations to prove their travel itinerary. The documents are the basis for the Vietnam Immigration Department's grant of their visas.

Vietnam multiple-entry visas for Afghanistan citizens

Individuals should consider accurate travel dates to decide whether they need multiple visas or not. Multiple entry visas are simple to obtain, so visitors can conduct themselves successfully the first time.

If foreigners plan to enter and exit Vietnam frequently, they can obtain visas with multiple entry times. A single-entry visa is the better alternative for travelers who are just visiting Vietnam for a short amount of time because it is less expensive.

Relevant materials for Afghanistan citizens to prepare

To get a Vietnam visa, visitors must have a passport with a validity period of at least six months and other associated documents to verify the purpose of their travel. Round-trip flying tickets, hotel reservations, and a comprehensive itinerary are specific examples. Residents from Afghanistan must also fill out the visa application form directly on the internet and select the right visa categories for their trips.

How long does it take for an Afghanistan resident to obtain a Vietnam visa?

The Vietnamese Immigration Department will assess and issue foreigners' visas within 7 working days of submitting their application. Some particular cases will impact the handling time of the Vietnamese government, such as registering for long-term visas or visas for special reasons.

The maximum processing time is stipulated as 15 working days according to the Vietnam tourist visa requirements for Afghanistan citizens. As a result, if foreigners intend to get Vietnam visas in advance, it is preferable to do it at least 20 days before departure to avoid any unpredictable issues.

Urgent Vietnam visas for Afghanistan citizens

In some circumstances, an urgent visa is the only option that satisfies the applicants' travel needs. The Immigration Department of Vietnam will approve visitors' visas, but an urgent handling fee will be added to the total visa costs that they need to cover. The quicker Afghanistan citizens need a visa, the higher the expense. As a result, foreigners should obtain visas early in order to avoid being in a visa emergency situation, which will make you both nervous and cost them extra money.

Emergency cases will be given priority for approval according to the Vietnam business visa requirements for Afghanistan citizens and general visa regulations. Depending on foreigners' requests, they can acquire a Vietnam visa in 2-3 working days or several hours as expedited processing.

Vietnam visa fees for Afghanistan passport holders

The fee will not be the same depending on the visa category Afghanistan requires, their journey reasons to Vietnam, the length of stay, and the entry times. Contact us at +1 315 715 8498 or email to get more details about the visa fees for Afghanistan citizens.


Visitors holding Afghanistan passports can access Vietnam visa procedures with two options. At present, the Vietnam Immigration Department allows Afghanistan citizens to register both online and at the Embassy.

Obtain an Embassy visa for Afghanistan citizens

This is the ideal option if foreigners live or work near a Vietnamese Embassy or Consulate. This entity represents the Vietnamese government, which is in charge of issuing Vietnamese visas to foreigners from Afghanistan. Therefore, visitors can visit this office directly to submit their visa application.

Visitors must prepare their passports and accompanying documentation (round-trip ticket, hotel reservation, invitation letter), together with their visa application and two 3×4-inch personal photos.

In the visa application, visitors must show their travel objectives as well as information about the visa they wish to obtain. This form is available through the Vietnamese embassy or consulate. After completing the preparation procedure, visitors pay the fee and come back home to wait for the official results.

Register for Vietnam visas online

One of the best options for visitors from Afghanistan living far from the Vietnamese Embassy is to get visas online. This is the most effective strategy to save time, money, and effort they will spend on visa offline procedures.

Obtaining Vietnam visas online is now very straightforward with the help of electronic devices. All visitors have to do is sit at home and fill out all their personal information in the online visa application.

The Immigration Department will assess and issue visitors' visas within 7 working days after they receive their applications. The documentation is greatly simplified as the visa processing is conducted online on the Vietnam government website.

Foreigners do not need to submit complicated paperwork while applying for an online visa. This eliminates the time-consuming process of document preparation. Vietnamese online visas aim to be quick, inexpensive, and straightforward for visitors worldwide to choose from.

Here are all the Vietnam visa requirements for Afghanistan citizens that visitors need to know. If you have any further concerns or have any questions, don’t hesitate to contact us at +1 315 715 8498 or email

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