A journey to discover the top 10 things to do in An Giang

  • August 28,2023

Vietnam's An Giang should be at the top of your list of places to visit when creating your itinerary for the Mekong Delta. Discover the breathtaking scenery, rich cultural heritage, and life-changing adventures this enchanting province has to offer. Explore a variety of unique activities and some interesting facts about An Giang, Vietnam. Lists of the top 10 things to do in An Giang can be mentioned in this article.


An Giang, in the southwest of Vietnam, shares a nearly 100-kilometer border with Cambodia. This lovely province borders Dong Thap Province to the east, Can Tho City to the southeast, and Kien Giang Province to the southwest, as shown on the Mekong Delta map.

The Mekong River enters Vietnam upstream near An Giang, where it splits into the Hau and Tien rivers, resulting in an annual floating season. This area benefits greatly from waterway transportation due to its extensive network of canals, with river wharves and floating markets hosting the majority of commerce activity.

Top 10 things to do in An Giang - Basic details

An Giang highlights the Southwest region's natural beauty with its breathtaking scenery and rich ethnic diversity

An Giang, Vietnam, is home to numerous beautiful mountains, in contrast to the Mekong Delta's mainly flat terrain. This view is covered in vast fields with seemingly unending lines of palm trees. Here, the floating season, fruit orchards, and other regional staples thrive. Because of its diverse topography, the area is a great place for nature lovers and eco-tourists.

The ethnic communities of Khmer, Chinese, Cham, and Vietnamese live in harmony with one another in An Giang, Vietnam, a peaceful melting pot of civilizations. The regional cuisine and culture exhibit a rich diversity of features due to their cosmopolitan nature. An Giang’s culinary riches reflect the diversity of its people and region with their uncomplicated yet tasty cuisine.

With all the above descriptions, will you start planning to carry out the top 10 things to do in An Giang from now on?


An Giang is well-known for its mouthwatering food, vibrant culture, and stunning natural surroundings. An Giang provides a variety of experiences for all kinds of visitors, from the vibrant city of Long Xuyen to the tranquil hamlets of Chau Doc and Tra Su. Let us show you the top 10 things to do in An Giang for your upcoming trip!


Discovering the Tra Su Melaleuca Forest is a thrilling expedition into the untamed and breathtaking Southwest environment. One of the top 10 things to do in An Giang is visit the Tra Su Melaleuca Forest, which is around 30 kilometers from Chau Doc City and is regarded as an excellent natural tourism site.

The Tram Tra Su Forest is home to a wide variety of plant and animal species. There are eleven animal species, twenty-three fish species, and more than one hundred rare and valuable plant species living in this Vietnamese forest. Tra Su's natural beauty is evident in the sparkling green water ferns that cover the river's surface year-round. You will never forget the amazing sensation of rowing a boat on a large body of water, peacefully taking in the sounds of the birds, and getting up close and personal with nature.

Top 10 things to do in An Giang - Tra Su Melaleuca Forest

Visitors should take into account the is the best time of year to visit Tra Su

The 500 meters of road from the car park to the forest’s gate have been paved. At the wharf, you can see right away that the forest is covered by the green of melaleuca and water ferns floating on the water’s surface.

There is a paved travel distance of 500 meters between the parking lot and the woodland gate. The lotus ponds and verdant tree rows that line the walking path greet guests with friendliness. Water fern floating on the water's surface and melaleuca green cover the woodland, as is immediately apparent at the wharf.

Exploring the 845-hectare forest by motorboat is one option available to visitors. They pass through groups of water lilies, water ferns, and birds perched on tree trunks. Boat drivers will pause at the request of guests so they can take pictures and appreciate the stunning surroundings.


An Giang is a country known for its fresh and lovely lake system, and it boasts a variety of beautiful scenery. Along with their natural beauty, these lakes support a variety of wildlife in the area and serve as a vital source of life for farmers.

Ta Pa Lake

Nestled in the center of Ta Pa Mountain, in the Mekong Delta province of An Giang, this breathtaking lake with an emerald hue is a must-visit for tourists with an adventurous spirit.


The outcome of the quarrying process is Ta Pa Lake. Despite just being around for ten years, this location swiftly draws a lot of travelers to enjoy the top ten things to do in An Giang because of its natural beauty.

It is impossible to deny that the Ta Pa Hill temple, with its man-made lake created through quarrying, is a veritable green oasis when speaking of That Son's land. Ta Pa An Giang Lake was produced like a natural wonder after it was abandoned. Situated at a depth of approximately 17 meters and encircled by limestone cliffs, the lake's water comes solely from precipitation and groundwater movement, yet its clarity is remarkable.

Top 10 things to do in An Giang - Ta Pa Lake

Ta Pa Lake offers a gorgeous setting of verdant hills, far-off mountains, and a placid lake

The fact that the lake's bottom is made up of various kinds of rocks gives each section of the body of water a unique hue. That's the reason why so many people find this lake's distinctive beauty to be admirable. The pristine and natural appearance is akin to walking out of a motion picture, to the extent that it has been likened to the “Absolute Cup” version of the West, which is said to be just as lovely as anywhere else.

The best time to visit Ta Pa Lake

Ta Pa Lake in An Giang has an alluring charm if you visit during the dry season with little water or the floating water season. Arrive early in the morning to take in the fresh air and see the lake bed become golden at midday. To view the entire lake as serene as a mirror, choose to sit under a tree or hang from a hammock in a nearby row. You can enjoy the coolness of the lake's shallow water by wading down to it in the afternoon.

The stunning scenery of Ta Pa Lake, including its blue sky, rocks, and cool shade trees, all contribute to its appeal. They all merge to form a single, serene, and rejuvenated space. You may camp here and explore the entire Ta Pa field, which is home to golden, ripe rice fields and towering palm trees, as well as check in with the mountains. Or use this water-based painting location to capture wedding images as a keepsake.

Soai So Lake

A portion of Long Xuyen, An Giang, forms a quadrangle with Soai So Lake. Not only is Soai So Lake the biggest man-made lake in An Giang, but its serene and idyllic natural surroundings also make it a popular tourist attraction.

From a distance, one can hear the sound of the Bac Stream quietly seeping into Soai So Lake. The vast natural scenery and towering mountains welcome guests as they arrive.

This lake has pure water, a tranquil surface, and occasional waves caused by wind. There are lush trees and trees with shade near Soai So Lake, making it a great place to unwind.

Top 10 things to do in An Giang - Soai So Lake

Soai So Lake in An Giang is a poetic gem in the heart of the river delta

Additionally, there is a little bridge that you will come across when running alongside Soai So Lake. From this vantage point, you may freely take in the expansive view of the lake and the far-off hills.

Which of the top 10 things to do in An Giang can you partake in while you're here? When we tell you that it is fruit picking, you will be shocked. because you will see fruit orchards filled with fruit when strolling around the interior of the lake area. You have the option to purchase the tastiest fruits for your family as gifts whenever it's harvest time.

O Thum Lake

The An Giang travel map still shows the gorgeous O Thum Lake, which you should visit at least once, in addition to the well-known Ta Pa Lake. Despite being situated in a different position from the center, you won't regret making the effort to visit here.

O Thum Lake has a serene, crystal-clear surface and is positioned with its back to the mountain. In contrast to many other lakes in Vietnam, the tall palm trees that line the lakeshore create a special and distinctive view.

In addition, a wooden bridge connecting the two sides has been constructed over the lake. This is a common check-in background for lovely guest photographs.

Top 10 things to do in An Giang - O Thum Lake

O Thum Lake's wooden bridge allows tourists to take photos against a "one-of-a-kind" backdrop

Sailing around the lake independently is another must-do activity on the list of the top 10 things to do in An Giang. Perched in the center of that enormous lake, you can see the lovely blue waves and the faintly scented air.

It seems like all of the problems have vanished overnight, leaving nothing but tranquility and leisure to enjoy. What an ideal experience for anyone seeking the best things to do in An Giang!


A recommended activity when visiting Long Xuyen An Giang is rising early to see this floating market. You may learn the most about the people, food, and way of life of this Southwest region at the Long Xuyen Floating Market.

A real tour of the Long Xuyen floating market in the early morning is one of the top 10 things to do in An Giang. The only means of transportation to the floating market in the center of the Long Xuyen River is by boat. Do not be concerned; it is a short distance from your hotel. 

First, you arrive at the O Moi ferry port, located at Long Xuyen Market on the mainland. Second, you go on a boat ride from there. For larger groups, there are large boats and little sampans. It only takes roughly ten minutes to get from the boat station to the floating market on the final excursion. The best advice is to rent a boat at least one day in advance. 

Top 10 things to do in An Giang - the Long Xuyen Floating Market

The local vendors at Long Xuyen Floating Market offer a very distinctive experience as they trade things directly from boat to boat

You may occasionally find coffee and noodle soup at the Long Xuyen floating market because, as you can see, this is a fairly local floating market. Not only that, but we saw a lot of the local women, who are strong female entrepreneurs and boat operators. 

You may observe local boat families traveling to the market or school, fishermen, floating homes, ferries, and more along the route. The best advice is to visit the floating market, smile at the people, and have a cup of coffee while observing the river's floating life.


After visiting the Long Xuyen floating market, you really shouldn't skip the ascent of Chau Doc's Sam Mountain. One of the top 10 things to do in An Giang is climb Sam Mountain.

The tallest peak in the Mekong Delta is called Sam Mountain. You can stop at a small Khmer village for a quick visit and take in the views of the two rice fields that line the road on the way there. You can also observe how the people who live in the mountains live on a daily basis.

Top 10 things to do in An Giang - the Sam Mountain

Sam Mountain is a destination that draws visitors because of its holiness as well as its natural beauty

Of course, ascending Sam Mountain is the main reason to visit. If the weather permits, the views from the top are breathtaking, offering a clear vista throughout Cambodia. An old reminder of the Khmer Rouge's cross-border assaults is a military installation situated atop the peak.

The outpost is still operational, and the troops are accustomed to tourists snapping pictures of them. That being said, before snapping pictures of the soldiers or anything deemed militarily important, you should get their permission and maybe offer them a smoke.


Don't pass up the opportunity to see Ba Chua Xu Temple when you're visiting Sam Mountain. Including prayer in a spiritual tourism destination on your list of the top 10 things to do in An Giang is highly recommended.

Ba Chua Xu Temple is a well-known religious location in An Giang that is particularly well-liked during Vietnamese holidays. The temple transforms into a busy hub during these events, and its charming ambiance and tranquil architecture only serve to enhance its allure. A fascinating tourist destination, Ba Chua Xu Temple combines religious significance, beautiful architecture, and vibrant culture.

Top 10 things to do in An Giang - the Ba Chua Xu Temple

An Giang's Ba Chua Xu festival is a special occasion that draws hundreds of locals and visitors

The Ba Chua Xu Temple is located in Chau Doc City, An Giang Province, a well-liked Mekong Delta tourist destination. This temple honors Ba Chua Xu, a god thought to have extraordinary abilities who keeps the people safe and bestows wealth and good fortune upon them.

The people allegedly intended to remove the statue of Ba Chua Xu that they found atop Sam Mountain some 200 years ago. Only nine maidens succeeded in doing the deed, whereas strong young men were unable to.

Ba Chua Xu is celebrated with a big festival around the fourth lunar month each year. It involves a number of fascinating rituals and exercises, such as carrying the statue of Ba Chua Xu, bathing her, praying to Lord Thoai Ngoc Hau, making offerings, and so forth. There are also a ton of traditional games and cultural events, including those of the Kinh, Cham, Hoa, and Khmer people. Every year, a sizable number of visitors and residents gather to enjoy the festival.


There is a sizable Muslim community in the province of An Giang. One of the mosques in the area that the Muslims use for prayer, education, and gatherings of food during the main Islamic festivals is Masjid Al Ehsan. The architecture of Masjid Al-Ehsan is reminiscent of the mosques seen throughout the Middle East. The mosque's interior is adorned with ornate decorations, stone columns, and spectacular chandeliers, creating a vast passageway. The mosque is a great work of art because of its finely detailed ornamentation.

Top 10 things to do in An Giang - the Al-Ehsan mosque

With its original decor and bright colors, the Al-Ehsan mosque creates a sacred space for the local Muslim community

Images of Cham ladies dressed in traditional clothes greet you as soon as you enter the church. Those are face-covering hoods, caps, and wide-leg pants. It seems as though you are entering a Western Muslim world, looking at these photographs.

The people of An Giang Province commonly go to the mosques to worship and wish for a calm and contented life. During the main Muslim holidays, it is also a common location for dining and drinking gatherings.

Furthermore, An Giang locals and visitors from far and wide view the mosques as special education centers. What a fantastic listing for a tourist destination in the top 10 things to do in An Giang!


An Giang still has the quintessential Southwest rural ethos while being the meeting point of numerous cultures, faiths, and ethnic groupings. When you are visiting An Giang, you must not miss the My Luong ecotourism area, which is home to all those breathtaking sights. Taking a tour of this destination is one of the top 10 things to do in An Giang

My Luong ecotourism region, which is situated in An Giang Province, provides a singular experience that lets you fully immerse yourself in tranquil nature. When you visit My Luong, you will be captivated by its tranquil landscape, which features wide-open fruit orchards, graceful coconut trees lining the canals, and charming bridges spanning the waterways. These subtle yet seductive landscapes capture the essence of the profoundly entrenched rural way of life in the Mekong Delta.

The way My Luong blends large open areas with well-planned landscapes is what makes it unique. This makes it a desirable location that draws travelers seeking a well-balanced combination of scenic vistas and natural environs.

Top 10 things to do in An Giang - the My Luong ecotourism area

The shooting angles in the popular My Luong neighborhood provide you with a variety of distinctive backgrounds that aren't found everywhere

Furthermore, this location showcases over 500 vehicles from various automakers in an effort to draw in auto lovers and speed fans. In addition, a section is dedicated to showcasing intricate sculptures like the Guan Yin Bodhisattva statue and the 12 Zodiacs, which are crafted from real wood to produce high-quality art pieces.

There's also a Lugar Bistro restaurant and lovely coffee shops in the My Luong tourist district. The restaurant's rustic style provides visitors with a warm and inviting area to enjoy cuisine and coffee.

And there are still a ton more waiting for you to find this special location. So why don't you arrive here right now to create priceless memories?


For foodies interested in exploring the distinctive cuisines of Vietnam's Southwest, An Giang is a must-visit location. One of the nicest things to do when visiting new places is to sample the delicacies.

Bun Ca (Fish Noodles)

A well-known meal from An Giang is bun ca. Locals love this cuisine, which is associated with a picturesque setting. If you're visiting An Giang and looking for the top 10 things to do, you should surely try it.

Top 10 things to do in An Giang - Bun Ca

One essential dish in the regional cuisine is An Giang's Bun Ca

Actually, this well-known An Giang meal is a creation from Cambodia. Fermented mustached danio fish sauce and Mam Ruoc, a tiny type of shrimp, are added to the soup to give it a flavorful kick. To sweeten the soup, some restaurants add pork bones. To provide a little zing of yellow, some crushed turmeric is also added.

Egyptian river hemp flower, a specialty of the rice paddies of the Mekong Delta, is typically served with this fish noodle soup along with a variety of other veggies, with the flower at the bottom of the bowl.

Com Tam Long Xuyen

Tasting Com Tam is one of the top 10 things to do in An Giang. Com Tam Long Xuyen, in contrast to Sai Gon, does not preserve the huge rib. Instead, it is cut into long slices, marinated in spices, and cooked over a charcoal fire.

While sharing the same name as Saigon broken rice, Long Xuyen broken rice is prepared, presented, and has a slightly different flavor. If broken rice in Saigon and many other areas is mostly composed of huge grains, then broken rice in Long Xuyen is composed of finer, smaller grains.

There are notable distinctions in the complementary dish of Long Xuyen broken rice. Thinly cut meat and skin, topped with chopped braised eggs, distinguish Long Xuyen's broken rice from large, plump ribs or fatty pork patties. With pickles presented with fish sauce and onion fat, the rice meal will finally be more complete.

The restaurant does not provide chopsticks or forks; everything is chopped. Simply add water to the rice, stir thoroughly, and savor. To savor this exceptional food, if you have the chance to travel here, consider dining at some of the well-known restaurants, such as Co Tam restaurant, Tung restaurant, Tam Dieu restaurant, Cay Diep restaurant, and so on.

Lau Mam

Pick Lau Mam if you're wondering what to eat from the top 10 things to do in An Giang that will leave you with a taste in your mouth. One may argue that Lau Mam epitomizes the unique qualities of this country through its cuisine.

Another delta specialty with Cambodian roots is bun mam. Nevertheless, the sauce used to prepare bun mam is produced from mustached danio or snakeskin gourami, as opposed to the Khmer prahok sauce, which is a crushed, salted fermented mudfish sauce. It is therefore easy to consume and has a milder scent.

Seafood (shrimp and squid), meat, and vegetables (shredded water spinach, chopped banana flower, bean sprout, and fish mint) are typically added to the bowl.

Top 10 things to do in An Giang - Lau Mam

A pot of Lau Mam with an extensive assortment of toppings to entice customers' palates

Lau Mam contains calamari filled with meats, seafood, and chili peppers, in addition to a variety of common vegetables such as eggplant, bitter vegetables, water lilies, and common sesban. Everybody falls in love with the seductive deliciousness that all the elements combine to make.

Sau Dau Salad

One of the most well-known foods in An Giang is thought to be Sau Dau salad. An Giang is home to a large number of wild Sau Dau, or neem trees. The leaves have a slightly sweet flavor, are green, and are bitter. Hence, they are frequently prepared into delectable recipes.

Boil the tops of the leaves in boiling water before making Sau Dau Salad. Next, add toppings such as sliced chiles, shrimp, sweet and sour fish sauce, and pork.

The salad also has the somewhat bitter taste of Sau Dau leaves combined with the sour taste of ripe tamarind. A meal with so many different flavors will leave diners speechless.

Banh Bo Thot Not (Palm Sugar Honeycomb Cake)

The cuisine of the Southwest is known for its famed palm sugar honeycomb cake. The ingredients of the cake include rice flour, palm sugar, coconut milk, and doum palm fruit powder, which is a mixture of rice flour and doum palm fruit peel powder. The cake is golden, covered in banana leaves, and dusted with coconut grit.

Top 10 things to do in An Giang - Banh Bo Thot Not

Banh Bo Thot Not is regarded as a distinctive culinary emblem of the river delta due to its appealing hue and sweet flavor

Making this a specialty of Bay Nui is a fantastic accomplishment. The steamed cake will have a natural golden hue and a delightful and unique taste from the fermentation process of the flour, selecting the appropriate doum palm fruit, selecting natural sugars, and adding some coconut milk.


The riverbank at Chau Doc would make an ideal 1000-piece puzzle. The scenes would feature vibrant stilt homes, lush green islets, olive trees, floating fish farms, barges, motorboats, and, of course, the cottony clouds and azure skies of southern Vietnam.

Chau Doc is a great destination for travelers who enjoy diving deeply into the native way of life. Here, you may take in the tranquil beauty of the Mekong Delta day and night, as well as all the unique flavors, views, and sounds of a border town. Continue reading to learn the top things to do in this energetic riverfront town.

Visiting the traditional market is one of the nicest things to do in Chau Doc. This market offers a wide range of goods, including food, souvenirs, traditional Khmer clothing, and An Giang specialties.

Top 10 things to do in An Giang - Chau Doc

It is imperative that visitors to Chau Doc check in at the well-known Basa fish statue

Stunting around the islets shows old wooden-patterned stilt homes. Boardwalks, built to float above the river's fluctuating tides, connect the houses. Witness Cham women creating garments on intricate looms by visiting a weaving workshop. The checkered Cham scarves are a light and adaptable travel accessory that are ideal for Delta flights.

Does Chau Doc merit a visit? Come experience the natural beauty of this place, and make sure you do the top 10 things to do in An Giang.


Among the top 10 things to do in An Giang is Chau Giang Village, one of the tourist destinations featuring the striking cultural beauty of the Southwest region. Many distinctive cultural traits from the Cham people's prehistoric past are still present in this village.

You can travel anywhere in the enigmatic land of An Giang without giving it any thought. But wherever you travel, make sure to stop at Chau Giang Cham village, which is a must-visit location if you want to learn about An Giang's rich cultural heritage. Many musicians, authors, and poets have drawn inspiration from the peculiar allure of the Cham ethnic community's life in An Giang.

Com ni and Ca pua are two well-known traditional foods of the local ethnic minority in this Chau Giang Cham region. These two foods go well together and enhance each other. For both Vietnamese and foreign tourists, the cooking technique is rather complex, distinctive, and unusual.

Top 10 things to do in An Giang - Chau Giang Village

The Chau Giang people's traditional culture is lovingly and respectfully portrayed via handicrafts featuring vivid colors and distinctive traditional patterns

Furthermore, you can discover the background and origins of traditional brocade weaving when you visit Chau Giang village. At the same time, you can see firsthand how the Cham people weave brocades and produce exquisite goods.


To ensure that your trip to An Giang is safe, pleasurable, and gratifying, consider these points before completing the top 10 things to do in An Giang.

Top 10 things to do in An Giang - Tips for traveling

Crucial considerations for an unforgettable An Giang tour

  • The criteria and visa for: Find out your nationality and whether you require a visa in order to enter Vietnam before you depart.

  • Weather and seasons: An Giang's warm and pleasant temperature makes it possible to visit the area throughout the year. Well, it rains a lot, so stay away from July and August. To improve the trip, you must, nevertheless, keep in mind to pay special attention to the weather forecast.

  • Clothes: Make sure you pack comfortable, cool clothing, an extra raincoat, and a hat in case you need it. When visiting places of worship or cultural institutions, don't forget to dress modestly.

  • Respect the customs of the community: When you visit temples or other places of worship, abide by the regulations, keep your distance, and try not to laugh too much.

  • Well preparation: To ensure the best possible trip, familiarize yourself with the destination, local customs, cuisine, and activities prior to departure.

Southwest-inspired culture, cuisine, and natural beauty may all be found in An Giang. This province will unveil its distinct hues and mysteries with each step you take on the journey, leaving you with strong feelings and lifelong memories. The top 10 things to do in An Giang are displayed here for your convenience. Plan this thrilling journey now and prepare yourself!

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