Try the top 10 best homestays in Hanoi that never make you disappointed

  • July 31,2023

What are the popular homestays in Hanoi? would like to recommend the top 10 best homestays in Hanoi in the list below. Therefore, you can choose the perfect place to stay when traveling. The unique construction and interior decoration style of most homestays in the Hanoi capital is their attractiveness, although the prices are sometimes highly competitive.



Each neighborhood in Hanoi will have unique properties for you to visit, rest, or work in. Depending on whether you want to relax or go somewhere. Choose and enjoy the top Hanoi homestays to make your trip even more unforgettable!

Currently, the following places in Hanoi's inner city are the most popular with tourists when visiting the city: Hoan Kiem District, Ba Dinh District, Hai Ba Trung District, Cau Giay District, and Tay Ho District. will briefly introduce each area so you can know which will be the ideal destination for your trip!

1. Hoan Kiem District Area

Hoan Kiem District is right in the heart of Hanoi's Capital. If you enjoy the rush and bustle of Hanoi's tourist attractions, you can select and reserve a homestay here. This district is a high concentration of many best homestays in Hanoi, as well as several exceptional attractions and shopping. You may explore the following attractions within 5 minutes of Hoan Kiem Lake, such as Ngoc Son Temple, Opera House, St, etc.

Exploring one of the best homestays in Hanoi

If you wish to stay near shopping malls, restaurants, and attractions. You can get advice in Hang Bong, Hang Trong, Hang Bai, Hai Ba Trung, and other locations. Because it is a central location, there are many options for choosing a homestay in the Hoan Kiem District.

2. Ba Dinh District Area

The Ba Dinh district is ideal for seeing notable landmarks such as Uncle Ho's Mausoleum, Ba Dinh Square, the Van Mieu – Quoc Tu Giam, etc. The homestays in this neighborhood are typically more relaxed, secure, and quieter. This location is ideal for guests looking for a quiet place to rest. 

However, unlike the Hoan Kiem district, this region offers few lively entertainment places. In the Ba Dinh district, you can select a homestay with a wide range of pricing and space design, as well as traditional and attractive colors.

3. Hai Ba Trung District Area

If you want to be in a location that is convenient for entertainment and shopping while also being affordable, Hai Ba Trung District is the best choice. You can quickly access entertainment and commercial places like Times City, Vincom Ba Trieu, Thong Nhat Park, Thien Quang Lake, and others from here.

You can find a homestay at a lower cost in the Hai Ba Trung District than in other areas. Utilities are still quality and guaranteed at these homestays in order to ensure visitors still have an incredibly high-standard resort. Great. You can refer to this area's homestays on the list of the top 10 best homestays in Hanoi!

Best homestays in Hanoi - Hai Ba Trung district

Choosing homestays at Hai Ba Trung District for your journey

4. Tay Ho District Area

The Tay Ho District is home to several lovely, large, and open-air homestays that are ideal for visitors whose looking for a complete holiday. One of the best parts about staying here is that you can enjoy the stunning view of West Lake. West Lake is the largest lake in the middle of Hanoi and is the site of several prominent tourist attractions such as Tran Quoc Pagoda, Phu Tay Ho, and West Lake Park.

The majority of Tay Ho District homestays have modern and pleasant apartment designs and layouts. There are a variety of reasonable prices for you to choose your ideal homestay. believes that this is the best option for you.  What are you waiting for without finding yourself the best homestay in Hanoi to visit and relax?

5. Cau Giay District Area

Booking a guesthouse in Hanoi's Cau Giay area allows you to both relax and work. It has a lot of high-rise structures with stunning architecture. You can have fun and visit Keangnam Hanoi Landmark Tower, Indochina Plaza, and other attractions. Picnics can also be organized at Thu Le Park, Nghia Do Park, Cau Giay Park, etc.

Best homestays in Hanoi - Cau Giay District

Spending your holiday at Cau Giay District's Homestay


The homestay concept distinguishes itself by allowing guests to stay, live, and engage in culture and festivities with locals and other tourists. Therefore, when compared to hotels or motels, homestay comfort and privacy will be lower. Because most of you will be living with a large number of new acquaintances.

However, there are numerous homestays in Hanoi, Vietnam prioritize their customers' privacy. To make your trip more ideal, you should carefully analyze each various sort of homestay based on your needs. Most of the best homestays in Hanoi will not let you down because there are many types of homestays with many suitable prices that you can choose from.

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Lotus Homestay

  • Address: range of homestays in the central streets of Hanoi: Le Thai To, Quan Su, Ly Thuong Kiet, Hang Than, Hang Voi, and Cua Nam.
  • Reference price: 499,000 VND (21.69 USD) – 1,299 000 VND (56.48 USD)/ night.

Lotus Homestay Hanoi is well-known for its mini-resort system, which many tourists visit when traveling to Hanoi. Lotus Homestay, which is popular with a 5-star rating, provides its customers with excellent resort facilities. Therefore, Lotus Homestay is consistently ranked among the best homestays in Hanoi.

Lotus Homestay offers all 11 room types, which allows you to select the best room for your needs easily. Each space has its own personality and distinctiveness, which provides visitors with a variety of experiences. Due to this benefit, Lotus has risen to the top of many domestic and international travelers' lists of the best homestays in Hanoi.

Best homestays in Hanoi - Lotus homestay

Spending a warm time with your beloved at Lotus Homestay

Lotus' rooms are distinguished by their open design. There is a balcony of about 10 to 12 meters square that allows you to observe the lively streets of Hanoi. Each homestay is created in a style that combines historic elements of Hanoi's Old Quarter with refined modern European design to create a harmonious.

Prices for homestays may vary based on the season. However, from Friday through Sunday, there will be an additional cost of 200,000 VND (8.69 VND) for the homestay. The room rate includes tax as well as a few utility services such as a swimming pool, refrigerator, 2-way air conditioning, etc.

Little Charm Hanoi Hostel 

  • Address: 44 Hang Bo, Hoan Kiem District, Hanoi Capital.
  • Reference price: 171,000 VND (7.43 USD) – 513,000 VND (22.3 USD)/ night.

Many people consider Little Charm Hanoi Hostel to be one of the best homestays in Hanoi. Unlike traditional homestays, Little Charm Hanoi Hostel Homestay is a hybrid of a homestay and a hostel. Therefore, this style of homestay is ideal for backpackers.

Little Charm Hanoi is constructed in a modern style that incorporates traditional cultural elements. This homestay's interior decoration and appliances are described as delicate and exquisite. Therefore, Little Charm Hanoi has produced an attractive and comfortable stopover for guests. Isn't it wonderful to experience this fantastic homestay among the top homestays in Hanoi?

Best homestays in Hanoi - Little charm hanoi hostel

Experience with a new type of homestay in the top best homestays in Hanoi

Little Charm Hanoi Homestay only has dorms with double bunk beds. Each room is roughly 25-30 square meters, which helps maintain the operating space comfortably. Therefore, this form of homestay is ideal for large groups of people, such as friends or families.

Which Homestays in Hanoi have bars? If you are interested in this, you can rest confident that Little Charm Hanoi Hostel Homestay will assist you in meeting your requirements. This location provides numerous more convenient amenities, such as a bar and restaurant. The homestay also has spa services, an indoor and a children's pool.

Room costs here include a free welcome drink and in-room beverages per day. However, travelers should keep in mind that this Homestay cost does not include breakfast. If you want to eat at the Homestay and try street food, you have to spend an additional 50,000 VND (2.17 USD) per person.

Hanoi Family Homestay 2

  • Address: 81 Ly Nam De, Cua Dong Ward, Hoan Kiem District, Hanoi Capital.
  • Reference price: 607,500 VND (26.41 USD) – 950,000 VND (41.3 USD)/ night.

Hanoi Family Homestay 2 is one of the greatest homestays in Hanoi, with numerous positive reviews from visitors. Homestay is in Hanoi, less than a kilometer from Dong Xuan Market. Additionally, Hanoi Family Homestay 2 offers a city view for those who like to see the street from the room.

Best homestays in Hanoi - Hanoi family homestay 2

Spending your ideal vacation at Hanoi Family Homestay 2

This property's amenities include a restaurant, a 24-hour front desk, a communal kitchen, and free WiFi. For guests who want to explore the area, the homestay also provides free private parking as well as car rental.

Hanoi Family Homestay 2 rooms include a kettle, a flat-screen TV, air conditioning, and a private bathroom with a shower/bath and slippers. Some rooms have a sitting area. Additionally, this homestay also provides bed linen and towels in each room.

Hanoi Crocus Homestay

  • Address: 30 Le Duan, Van Mieu Ward, Hoan Kiem District, Hanoi Capital.
  • Reference price: 350,000 VND (15.22 USD)/ night.

One of the reasons Hanoi Crocus Homestay ranks among the top 10 best homestays in Hanoi is its central location in the capital. Because of this, you can easily walk to all of the prominent attractions, which include Hoan Kiem Lake, Ho Chi Minh Mausoleum, the Imperial Citadel of Thang Long, and so on. Almost you only need to move no more than 1 kilometer.

The Hanoi Crocus Homestay has 3 different bedrooms. The living room and kitchen are on the ground floor, and guests are welcome to utilize this common area. This is a rather large space, which measures 60 square meters. The terrace is located on the 4th floor and has a balcony with numerous flowers. It will be a perfect spot for you to have a cup of coffee and read a book.

Best homestays in Hanoi - Hanoi crocus

Spending your vacation with Hanoi Crocus Homestay

The homestay will provide you with a feeling of privacy and complete relaxation. Because each room is fully distinct and has its own door and gate lock. Therefore, you can freely travel to Hanoi without concern. Isn't it fantastic? Come here and enjoy the services of one of the best homestays in Hanoi!

Hanoi 3B Homestay – Hanoi 3B Premier Hotel

  • Address: 67 Hang Than, Nguyen Trung Truc Ward, Ba Dinh District, Hanoi Capital.
  • Reference price: 590,000 VND (25.65 USD)/ night.

Hanoi 3B Homestay is well-known as one of the best homestays in Hanoi due to its entirely modern space design. You may fully appreciate the comfiest amenities here. In addition, the mix of two tones of yellow-brown and white provides a distinct image for visitors to Hanoi 3B Homestay.

Many guests agreed that this homestay is very clean and airy, with attentive service workers and a kind and caring host. Furthermore, you will definitely be surprised by the staff's enthusiasm. When staying here, a warm welcome as well as dedicated and attentive service are always a top concern. Therefore, Hanoi 3B Homestay is consistently ranked in the top 10 best homestays in Hanoi by all guests.

Best homestays in Hanoi - Hanoi 3B Homestay

You will be impressed by the enthusiastic and attentive service at Hanoi 3B Homestay

Furthermore, Hanoi 3B Homestay is in a very convenient position. The homestay is located in the heart of Hanoi's Old Quarter. This location is 300 meters from Dong Xuan Market, and it takes only 10 minutes to walk to famous sights such as Hoan Kiem Lake, Ngoc Son Temple, and Thang Long Puppet Theater. Travelers evaluate Hanoi 3B Premier Hotel as having a great location.

You may walk to Hanoi Night Market, especially in the evening. You will be immersed in a buzzing atmosphere with incredibly various and one-of-a-kind products for sale. guarantees a beautiful experience. Therefore, quickly add this fantastic location to your list of the best homestays in Hanoi immediately!

Hanoi Balcony Homestay

  • Address: 19B Hang Voi, Ly Thai To Ward, Hoan Kiem District, Hanoi Capital.
  • Reference price: 600,000 VND (26.09 USD)/ night.

If you want to try to stay in a new place with a design style that was inspired by the previous decades, Hanoi Balcony Homestay is an excellent option. This Homestay is always recommended to the top 10 best homestays in Hanoi.  The structure is surrounded by an ancient mossy yellow wall that blends with the quiet of Hang Voi Street in Hanoi. 

Hanoi Balcony Homestay depicts a simple design with warm hues like brown, yellow, and red to provide visitors with a pleasant environment that may remove all stress. In particular, the architecture is decked with red and pink confetti, which covers the antique golden walls. Furthermore, the calm environment here will allow you to enjoy genuine moments of relaxation following your adventures. 

Best homestays in Hanoi - hanoi balcony homestay

The ancient features of Hanoi Balcony Homestay have attracted many tourists

Furthermore, this location also on constructing a play area with a private space for your family. Additionally, it also has a smart tiny flower garden that can provide you with a sense of closeness to nature.

Despite being created simply and without fuss, Hanoi Balcony Homestay is quite popular with foreign tourists visiting Hanoi. The rustic aspect of this guesthouse has captivated many guests and gained numerous positive reviews.

With good service quality and inexpensive pricing, Hanoi Balcony Homestay is constantly on the list of best homestays in Hanoi. Another advantage is that this location is in the heart of the Old Quarter. When you stay at Hanoi Balcony Homestay, you can easily visit the Old Quarter and enjoy Hanoi's long-standing delicacies.

Hygge Homestay

  • Address: 244 Au Co, Quang An Ward, Tay Ho District, Hanoi Capital.

Hygge Homestay is ranked among the top 10 best homestays in Hanoi. This location attracts a large number of tourists because of its unique design style, ingenuity, and inventiveness. The house designs are totally composed of natural stone wood, which adds to the sensation of intimacy when staying here.

As the name implies, Hygge Homestay is a hygge-style hideaway. Hygge style is a way of enjoying life in a pleasant, comfortable way from the world's happiest places. Hygge Homestay will provide you with a little Northern ambiance in the center of Hanoi's Capital.

Best homestays in Hanoi - Hygge homestay

Hanoi's one-of-a-kind Hygge Homestay with a wooden house design "in the forest"

When you stay at Hygge Homestay Hanoi, you will be living near nature. You have more time to cherish and treasure the basic joys of life. The atmosphere created by Hygge House is relatively quiet and friendly. 

This homestay's campus is huge, up to 360 meters square broad, and is surrounded by an exceedingly cool green color. When you stay here, you will forget about the city noises and immerse yourself in nature. 

Hygge House is always appropriate for you, whether you travel alone or in a large group. Hygge House created 3 unique houses: Stone House, Tree House, and Lala House. Perhaps this is one of the reasons why many travelers consider this to be one of the best homestays in Hanoi.

Reference price:

  • Stone House (maximum 4 guests): 1,600,000 VND (69.57 USD)/night (from Monday to Thursday) and 1,850,000 VND (80.43 USD)/night (Friday to Sunday).
  • Lala House (maximum 4 guests): 1,800,000 VND (78.26 USD)/night (Monday to Thursday) and 2,050,000 VND (89.13 USD)/ night (Friday to Sunday).
  • Tree House (maximum 4 guests) 1,800,000 VND (78.26 USD)/night (Monday to Thursday) and 2,050,000 VND (89.13 USD)/night (Friday to Sunday).

Gerbera Homestay

  • Address: 11 Ha Hoi, Hoan Kiem District, Hanoi Capital.
  • Reference price: 1,200,000 VND (52.73 USD) – 2,000,000 VND (86.96 USD)/ night.

The list of the top 10 best homestays in Hanoi introduces you to a very distinctive designed homestay in traditional Rustic style. Gerbera Homestay is similar to romantic Korean apartments, with modest and rustic interior ideas that are ideal for couples. This location is a perfect balance of elegance and warmth, modern but still quite traditional.

Gerbera Homestay is decorated in bright, stylish hues. The entire inside is handcrafted by highly skilled craftspeople. Not only that, each apartment has enormous glass doors with a wide outlook and a balcony overlooking Hanoi's streets. The warm rays of sunlight will crawl through each door opening in the morning, providing a nice and peaceful atmosphere.

Best homestays in Hanoi - Gerbera homestay

Gerbera Homestay creates rooms specifically for couples

Gerbera Homestay's rooms are nicely organized and divided into sleeping, reception and kitchen, and bathroom sections. So that even though the room area is small, visitors feel comfortable. In particular, Gerbera Homestay has incredibly low costs. Therefore, many tourists, especially couples, consider this to be one of the best homestays in Hanoi on their list of accommodations.

Gerbera Homestay additionally provides high-end furnishings, such as a king-size bed and a high-quality latex mattress. Because they want to make sure that their guests always feel at ease while staying there. There are also other amenities such as a flat-screen TV, hair dryer, closet, and ironing board. 

Langmandi Avocado

  • Address: 3rd floor, number 08, lane 63 Quang Trung, Hai Ba Trung District, Hanoi Capital.
  • Reference price: 749,000 VND (32.57 USD)/ night.

Langmandi Avocado is, without a doubt, one of the best homestays in Hanoi. The homestay is directly across the street from "Swan Lake" and Thong Nhat Park. This is a costly location, but it has enough space for you to create an enjoyable and relaxed living area.

The gorgeous space at Langmandi Avocado captivated the hearts of guests. Hot colors are used as the primary hue throughout the home, from the wall paint to the decorations and the interior furniture. Furthermore, the owner diligently cares for and prunes all of the trees in the main room. 

If you want a natural lifestyle, believes the plants in the main room will appeal to you. So, what are you waiting for? Just come and try this homestay which is ranked in the top 10 best homestays in Hanoi!

Best homestays in Hanoi - Avocado

Langmandi Avocado is a haven for those who like nature and trees

Langmandi Avocado is a tiny homestay for short-term visitors or longer-term stays of more than 15 days. With two separate bedrooms, this property is ideal for parties of up to six travelers. Aside from a private bathroom with shower and kitchen, there is also a huge glass window where you can enjoy morning coffee while watching the bustling street.

Pets are welcome and free of charge, which is a unique characteristic of Langmandi Avocado's policy. Furthermore, the homestay specifies a check-in time after 2:00 p.m. and a check-out time of 11:00 a.m. If you arrive or depart outside of the given hours, you will be charged 50,000 VND (2.17 USD) for each hour. 

At the same time, for clients renting for less than a week, the homestay will charge an additional cost for cleaning the room on demand.

1991 Homestay 

  • Address: 2, lane 82 Nghia Tan, Nghia Tan Ward, Cau Giay District, Hanoi Capital.
  • Reference price: 450,000 VND (19.57 USD)/ night.

1991 Homestay is one of the top 10 best homestays in Hanoi for experiencing the ambiance of ancient Hanoi. 1991 Homestay Hanoi has become a popular name among today's young people because of its retro design style. This is also an excellent location for travelers to rest up.

Best homestays in Hanoi - 1991 homestay

1991 Hanoi Neoclassical Homestay

1991 Homestay Hanoi has been around for almost 30 years, so it has a classic and antique architecture that is full of memories. The walls of the house have been retained in their original yellow-lime color, and the windows are also from a few decades ago. Each room is self-contained, with a bathroom and a small kitchen. 

The owner will provide you with a separate door key. This property is currently being restored and furnished with many modern and practical features.

1991 Homestay is a spacious place with a bedroom for up to 3 persons and a separate living area. Each room is self-contained, with one bed, a bathroom, and a small kitchenette. 1991 Homestay is one of the best homestays in Hanoi for those who want to experience the atmosphere of ancient Hanoi, thanks to its classical building and calm area.

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Homestay is a highly "hot" type of accommodation that many travelers enjoy when visiting Hanoi. The following Hanoi homestays provide more than just a place to sleep. They also provide a sense of warmth and comfort similar to that of your own home. hopes that the top 10 best homestays in Hanoi listed above can help you plan the perfect trip.

Before exploring one of the best homestays in Hanoi Capital, you should make sure your Visa is still valid. Remember to visit How To Apply For A Visa To Vietnam to receive the quickest admission ticket to this capital.

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