Top 10 Best Homestays In Sapa Make Your Journey Unforgettable

  • July 27,2023

Travelers visiting Sapa place a high premium on selecting exceptional homestays in the area. Sapa homestays are typically found in local villages, which is their distinctive feature. As such, it makes it easy for visitors to engage with the local way of life. A list of the best homestays in Sapa that you shouldn't miss while visiting this area is listed in this article below!


As you awaken to the sound of roosters and emerge onto the balcony of your traditional Hmong home, you'll feel the cool mountain air caressing your face. This is your chance to fully immerse yourself in the rich cultural experience that this little Vietnamese hill town only provides through homestays. 

Luxurious green slopes, charming hill tribe settlements, and breathtaking rice terraces are what make Sapa famous. When you choose a homestay in Sapa, you can stay with local families who will share their culture, customs, and traditions with you. More importantly, you will get to see all these stunning landscapes.

Best homestays in Sapa - reasons to choose a homestay

How to choose the most appropriate and best homestays in Sapa

One advantage of choosing a homestay is that it provides a genuine local experience that enables you to meet individuals from all backgrounds and gain insight into their way of life. You'll be able to enjoy freshly prepared meals prepared at home using ingredients from local farmers. 

One potential disadvantage is that certain homestays could not have access to contemporary facilities like heating during the winter or hot water showers. But if you're up for an adventure and don't mind getting a little rough around the edges, a homestay in Sapa might be ideal for you!


Considering the best homestays in Sapa can be a priority consideration for you if you're seeking to get a Sapa vacation the next time. Whether you're looking for adventure or leisure, there are lots of alternatives to choose from. This quaint mountain village offers lodgings for every taste, from contemporary lodging with breathtaking views to traditional wooden stilt cottages. Focus on the homestay and choose tips for appropriate accommodation for your trip.

Homestay has a high and sweeping view

When there is a traditional homestay available in Sapa, Vietnam, why would you choose to sleep in a simple hotel? Selecting a guesthouse that is situated near mountains with expansive views is something you should strive to do. You are able to learn about a place where you otherwise would not have gone.

Best homestays in Sapa - the high and sweeping view homestay

From your homestay's elevated vantage point, you may get a panoramic view of breathtaking scenery

Make sure you select a homestay with a high position if you wish to have a cup of tea while watching the surrounding area in the early morning! One of the things you should look for when selecting one of the best homestays in Sapa is the ability to take in the expansive vista of the terraced fields from above or while submerged in mist.

Convenient commute location, close to tourism sites and entertainment

Based on your preferences, you can select a homestay that suits your needs. However, homestays close to the town and tourist attractions are your best bet if this is your first time visiting Sapa and you are still not used to the steep topography. The optimal distance from Sapa's town center is less than five kilometers.

In the farther-flung villages, you may choose homestays if you feel at ease with Sapa's landscape. You'll feel at ease and relaxed because of the remote environment, which is perfect for unwinding. To ensure you choose one of the best homestays in Sapa, don't forget to take your schedule into account!

Where there are many check-in places

The gorgeous surrounding landscapes, which include terraced fields, rivers, streams, waterfalls, and so on, should be incorporated into the check-in photos for these homestays. Photographs showing locals engaged in activities such as vegetable gardening, weaving, and beeswaxing traditional garments are also possible. They're all going to provide you with beautiful virtual live frames without you having to go far.

Best homestays in Sapa - having a lot of places to check-in

Top 10 best homestays in Sapa for you to check-in once in a lifetime


The most frequent query that visitors to Sapa may have is, "Where's the best place to stay in Sapa?" This post will present you with a list of the best homestays in Sapa for your reference.

Rock Garden Homestay​

  • Address: Hau Chu Ngai Hamlet, Muong Hoa, Sapa Town, Lao Cai Province.

  • Reference price: 800,000 VND (34.78 USD) – 1,150,000 VND (65.22 USD)/ room/ night.

  • Room type: Dorm, Standard, Family, Super View Bungalow.

Among the top 10 best homestays in Sapa, Rock Garden Homestay is a popular and must-visit spot for young people looking for cloud-hunting lodging. This place is also known for being the only homestay in a destitute Hau Chu Ngai community. Since this homestay is located somewhere outside of the town, you will have the most tranquil experience!

Rock Garden Sapa Homestay attracts visitors thanks to its natural surroundings, which include clouds, mountains, and woods in the Northwest. Large-space, soft, rustic architecture is constructed and fashioned in the manner of indigenous people's houses. With wood and stone serving as the primary building materials, nobody can possibly explain why it is so lovely. 

You get a cozy and comfortable sensation as the homestay gets closer. The venue is fantastic, with its rustic architecture paired with lyrical and poetic sceneries, misty clouds, and towering mountains that entice foreigners.

Best homestays in Sapa - the Rock Garden Homestay

One of the best homestays in Sapa offers a view of the hunting clouds

In addition, the homestay built a little café where visitors can have coffee with loved ones. The focal point of the eating area is the expansive view of the clouds, mountains, and verdant valleys. As a result, Rock Garden Homestay is one of Sapa's top 10 homestays.

The Northwest highland region is home to the Rock Garden Sapa Homestay. Guests may enjoy a variety of traditional mountain dishes, such as grilled ban pig with a cast iron base and sturgeon hot pot. Another popular dish is barbecue, which ranges in price from 10,000 VND (0.43 USD) to 50,000 VND (2.17 USD) per skewer.

Sapa Jungle Homestay

  • Address: 534 Dien Bien Phu, Sapa Town, Lao Cai Province.

  • Reference price: 850,000 VND (36.96 USD)/ room/ night.

  • Room type: Family, Bungalow.

A popular travel destination for both domestic and foreign travelers, Sapa, also referred to as the "city in the mist," is renowned for its picturesque scenery and refreshing air. When visiting Sapa, travelers can stay at the lovely Sapa Jungle Homestay.

Without a doubt, among the top ten best homestays in Sapa is Sapa Jungle Homestay. About 200 meters from Sapa Lake, on a small flower-filled hill in Sapa Town, is where you'll find Sapa Jungle Homestay. When guests arrive, the small yet remarkably unique space and architecture will wow them. Pine is the only material used in anything.


Tourists leaving Hanoi will go north to the Nhat Tan bridge and then onto the Noi Bai-Lao Cai expressway in order to reach Sapa and homestays. Follow Highway 4D for approximately 42 kilometers after turning left after traveling straight through Lao Cai City. 315 kilometers of driving will be covered in more than five hours to get here. When traveling, guests have the option to take a nap in order to stay strong.


Sapa Jungle Homestay is a beautiful accommodation located on the main road of Dien Bien Phu in Sapa town. This place is known for its rustic beauty, simplicity, and closeness to nature and is promised to bring a peaceful vacation for tourists in the beautiful and bustling town of Sapa.


Wood was primarily utilized to construct the dwellings in the homestay area, giving it a warm, inviting vibe. The neighborhood is created with a rustic charm and is near nature. In this spacious area, guests can "chill" and take in the view while standing in a huge yard corner.

In order to fully immerse guests in the delightful ambiance, rooms here are also designed in keeping with the festival's motif. Views of the clouds and surrounding landscape in the misty town of Sapa are available to guests from the accommodation, which faces a lovely, spacious area.

This homestay provides a peaceful environment where you can detach from the worries of daily life and re-establish a connection with the natural world. There are seven bungalows total, and each has a small bathroom and basic furnishings. Disposable bottles are not allowed, and water is always free to drink. 

Best homestays in Sapa - the Sapa Jungle Homestay

Sapa Jungle Homestay is reminiscent of a fairy-tale wooden house

Every area of the homestay can be converted into a virtual living area and hot check-in. The decor and arrangement are simple, yet Sapa Jungle Homestay is the only place where you can find an amazing feature.

Viettrekking Homestay

  • Address: 33 Hoang Lien, Sapa town, Lao Cai City.

  • Reference price: 200,000 VND (8.69 USD) – 300,000 VND (13.04 USD)/ room/ night.

  • Room type: Standard, Superior, Deluxe, Bungalow, Dorm.

When traveling to Sapa, many young people are drawn to and fall in love with Viettrekking Homestay Sapa. Viettrekking Sapa Homestay, which is ranked among the top 10 best homestays in Sapa, is a hybrid of a homestay and a coffee shop. Many visitors prefer Viettrekking Homestay, also known as "the house at the end of the road," which is situated at the very end of Hoang Lien Street. For this reason, the homestay is peaceful and entirely isolated from the commotion of Sapa town.

The homestay is a great spot to take in the stunning mountains and the sea of drifting clouds, boasting a bold natural style reminiscent of Sapa's woods and mountains. Using Stone Church as a landmark, you would travel directly northwest to Ham Rong, then left to the Vietcombank ATM, and finally right to Cau May. This is where you inquire for directions to the coal and mineral area or the Bien May hotel. Once you reach the end of the road, you will encounter Viettrekking!

The wood-built Viettrekking Homestay is perched on a tall mezzanine. When viewed from a distance, the mountains and forests appear to be as lovely as a fantasy realm. 

Best homestays in Sapa - the Viettrekking homestay

Admire the Hoang Lien Son Range from Viettrekking Homestay

In the misty town, Viettrekking Homestay is regarded as the most picturesque location for observing clouds, other than from Fansipan. When the homestay awakens in the morning, a sea of clouds appears before its eyes, like a fantasy place on Earth in the early morning sunlight. Clouds seem to appear out of every corner of the balcony and through the house's windows, resembling fluffy cotton candy.

Thus, why not try out Viettrekking Homestay, which is considered to be among the greatest homestays in Sapa?

Lazy Crazy Homestay

  • Adress: Giang Ta Chai Village, Sapa Town, Lao Cai Province.

  • Room type: Dorm.

A group of little thatched-roof stilt houses called Lazy Crazy Homestay Sapa are perched against the cliffs. You have to travel on a distinctive stone-paved trail in order to reach the homestay. Among the top ten greatest homestays in Sapa, this one has a distinctive model.

Best homestays in Sapa - the Lazy Crazy Homestay

Discover the homestay model in a natural setting

Because of its breathtaking outlook, it is ranked among the top 10 best homestays in Sapa. You'll have a calm existence filled with the most enjoyable downtime. In particular, you will get to know wonderful hosts who are always happy to help and offer advice. Because of their zeal and knowledge, they are also without a doubt the best tour guides in Sapa for trips.

Sapa’s Soul Homestay

  • Address: Provincial Road 152, Giang Ta Chai Su Pan, Sapa Town, Lao Cai Province.

  • Reference price: 200,000 VND (8.69 USD) – 400,000 VND (17.39 USD)/ room/ night.

  • Room type: Family, Quadruple, Double, King, Queen.

Because it is situated in the heart of Sapa's tourism district, Sapa's Soul Homestay is ranked highly among the city's top ten homestays. As a result, you are able to fully experience both the vibrant festival atmosphere and the social activities of the ethnic minority.

The Sun Plaza shopping area is located 11 miles away, Fansipan Mountain is 24 km away, and the Fansipan Legend cable car station is 13 km away. It may be said that Sapa's Soul Homestay is the perfect location because it is both close enough to popular entertainment venues and far enough away for guests to experience the comfort and seclusion of a tranquil setting for sustenance.

Follow Fansipan Street to the west after traveling along Xuan Vien Street from Sapa Town's center. Turn left at Fansipan Street's first bend to enter Chan May Alley and arrive at the intersection of Chan May and Muong Hoa Alleys. Proceed directly to Provincial Road 152 after making a left turn into Muong Hoa Street. 

Best homestays in Sapa - the Sapa's Soul Homestay

The Sapa's Soul Homestay can be found on the right side of provincial route 152

The humble home of the H'Mong people is called Sapa's Soul Homestay. It highlights the lyrical beauty of Sapa's Soul Homestay and the natural tranquility of Sapa even more with its stilt home-type design, which reflects the Northwest mountains' qualities.

The restaurant at Sapa's Soul Homestay is slightly tiny in size but incredibly comfortable. There are glass doors all around the restaurant, opening up an expansive area with a view of Sapa's enormous mountains and trees. Enjoying mouthwatering cuisine in a serene setting like this is the best. Every day at Sapa's Soul Homestay, gourmet chefs with extensive training will provide breakfast and vegetarian fare, guaranteeing guests an amazing gastronomic experience.

With these descriptions above, Sapa’s Soul Homestay deserves the best homestays in Sapa, right?

Sapa Orange Homestay

  • Address: Ho Village, Sapa Town, Lao Cai Province.

  • Reference price: 300,000 VND (13.04 USD) – 320,000 VND (13.91 USD)/ room/ night.

  • Room type: Single, Double.


In Ho Village, Sapa Town, there is a classic Tay ethnic stilt house called Sapa Orange Homestay. This is one of the best homestays in Sapa, regarded as one of the best for relaxing. A sample of the everyday life of the indigenous people can be had by visiting Sapa Orange Homestay. 

There is a lush orange hill with green trees and luscious oranges all around the house. To cook and eat with your family, you can use everyday objects with ease.

You may enjoy your trip to the fullest thanks to the home's big and airy bedroom system. Furthermore, you can zoom out from here to witness the harmonious panorama of spectacular mountains and woods against a backdrop of azure skies and gently drifting clouds. After an exhausting day of traveling, it's lovely to be able to collapse on a plush mattress and drift off to sleep.

How to go

You have a variety of options for getting to Sapa, including buses, trains, and more. Many travelers choose to use the bus in order to conveniently commute to Sapa Orange Homestay. Once there, you can take a taxi in Sapa to return home while admiring the breathtaking views of the mountains and forests of the Northwest en route. 

You can also attempt to replicate the sensation of riding a motorcycle on your own. When traveling alone, though, don't forget to take good care of your health and maintain a firm grip on the steering wheel.

Best homestays in Sapa - the Sapa Orange Homestay

A typical Tay ethnic homestay

Despite Sapa Orange Homestay's somewhat remote location from the town, it is nevertheless simple to access nearby prominent destinations such as Mau Son Temple and Hang Da Village. Owing to these qualities, it has developed into one of Sapa's top homestays, a choice that many tourists make.

Lee’s House Stay Boutique

  • Address: Ta Van Day, Sapa Town, Lao Cai Province.

  • Reference price: From 800,000 VND (34.78 USD) – 1,600,000 VND (69.57 USD)/ room/ night.

  • Room type: Standard, Double, Deluxe, VIP.

Homestay Lee's House Stay Boutique is a location for travelers who like to live near Sapa's natural environment and experience living like a local. It is situated in the center of Ta Van village, 7 kilometers from Sapa center.

A mix of rustic mountain flair and minimalism characterizes the spacious, airy rooms of the homestay. The kitchen, living room, and foyer are common living areas in addition to the private room.

To help keep you warm, every room has a bed, a mattress, and a heater. Additionally, every room features a sizable window that allows you to enjoy stunning views of the outdoors from your bed. The interior design has been meticulously maintained to create a harmonious space that accentuates the natural elements of Sapa's hills and mountains.

Best homestays in Sapa - the Lee's House Stay Boutique

Find the top ten best homestays in Sapa carefully to have an unforgettable trip

The stilt huts constructed by ethnic minorities had an influence on the open design of the homestay. The door that welcomes you as soon as you enter Lee's house with a drawing of a dragon is what makes it so unique. This homestay is distinguished not only by its tasteful yet rustic exterior but also by its amazing view of the Muong Hoa valley and terraced fields.

Because of this, the area is not only exquisite in terms of design and architecture but also harmonious with the surrounding environment, providing visitors with a sense of experience, tranquility, and comfort. You will wake up here every morning to a view of endless green hills and mountains, as well as a great supper prepared with products from the mountains.

Lee's House stands apart from other simple, rustic homestays. While upholding the national legacy, Lee's House is a contemporary neighborhood with strikingly beautiful tones. Because of its creative design, a lot of people rank this destination in the top 10 best homestays in Sapa.

Homestay Daisy Sapa

  • Address: Thac Bac Street, Sapa Town, Lao Cai Province.

  • Reference price: 700,000 VND (30.34 USD) – 1,300,000 VND (56.52 USD)/ room/ night.

  • Room type: Dome Tent, Panorama.

Daisy Sapa is a well-known location for picture check-ins and a first-rate lodging option when visiting Sapa. For this reason, a lot of visitors constantly consider Daisy Sapa to be among the best homestays in Sapa.

One unique feature of this Sapa guesthouse is that it is designed like a dome tent. There are tourist-friendly features inside, such as wooden bathrooms and air conditioning. There is, however, only a single double room that may accommodate two people. It will therefore be perfect for couples.

Additionally, Homestay Daisy Sapa has a fantastic Panorama room type available. You can take in the expansive vista of Sapa's mountains and forests while you're here. This style of accommodation provides a more spacious, comfortable, and tranquil area.

Best homestays in Sapa - the homestay Daisy Sapa

Enjoy the best service in the top 10 best homestays in Sapa

The main features of this homestay, such as daily spring water and tea and free on-site parking, are also beneficial for generating a tourist effect. Breakfast from the homestay's menu and a set of traditional costumes for you to check in are included in this homestay charge. Additionally, if you post a Facebook picture of yourself at Daisy Sapa with the hashtag "check-in," you'll earn a complimentary drink.

Homestay Daisy Sapa is frequently listed among the top 10 best homestays in Sapa as a result of the aforementioned superior services. Come here to admire the expansive vista of Sapa or to attempt to catch the sunrise from a round tent!

Vuon May Homestay

  • Address: 08/433 Dien Bien Phu, Sapa Town, Lao Cai Province.

  • Reference price: 600,000 VND (26.09 USD)/ room/ night.

  • Room type: Panorama, Suite, Villa, Cloud, Cloud VIP.

Vuon May Homestay Sapa is situated on the upper slopes of Sa Pa, a city renowned for its breathtaking scenery and multifaceted culture. Travelers are drawn to homestays because this tourist attraction offers a chance to see the local ethnic culture and the outdoors up close.

The homestay's excellent position in the center of SaPa makes it simple for guests to get to other well-known sites. Tourists find the Vuon May Homestay Sapa appealing because of its distinctive design, which blends delicate ethnic minority characteristics. Natural wood serves as the primary building material for Homestay. 

The homestay is cozy and highlights the distinctness and culture of the Sapa region with its natural and rustic charm. With five different hotel categories and a large number of rooms, Vuon May Homestay Sapa can accommodate all visitor needs. Overall, travelers shouldn't pass up this address because of its varied, cozy, reasonably priced room system and handy location.

Best homestays in Sapa - the Vuon May homestay

Spend more amazing moments traveling with one of Sapa's top homestays

When booking a room at Vuon May Homestay Sapa, visitors can expect a hearty breakfast prepared in advance. In addition, the homestay offers free water, tea, and coffee in each room.

Travelers are not permitted to smoke in the bedrooms at Vuon May homestay Sapa in order to maintain the cleanest and most comfortable environment for all guests. In particular, avoid using stimulants on the homestay property. To maintain safety and save money, guests should also remember to turn off all electronics before leaving the room.

Do you believe the aforementioned arguments are sufficient to persuade you to stay at one of the top homestays in Sapa?

Rua’s House Mountain Hamlet in Sapa Town

  • Address: Lao Chai Commune, Sapa district, Lao Cai.

  • Reference price: 1,600,000 VND (69.57 USD) – 2,500,000 VND (108.69 USD)/ room/ night.

  • Room type: Double, Family, Bungalow, Tent space.

Sapa is a popular travel destination for both domestic and foreign travelers, drawing them in with its breathtaking natural landscape and serene atmosphere that unites earth and sky. As soon as you set foot in this place, its majesty and grandeur will enchant you. Staying at Rua's House Mountain Hamlet in Sapa will make your journey more enjoyable and comprehensive.

Rua's House Mountain Hamlet will be one of the top 10 best homestays in Sapa if you're searching for a spot in the middle of the forest. Nestled amidst Sapa's breathtaking scenery is the hamlet of Rua's House Mountain.

Rua's House Mountain Hamlet is part of the Rua's House homestay network. The chain consists of a collection of thatched and wooden dwellings that are grouped together at the top of the hill to create the impression of a very small, rustic community. An enormous valley of terraced fields and rolling mountains can be seen in the distance from the resort's expansive terrace. This is a really relaxing area to spend weekends or vacations with friends and family.

Best homestays in Sapa - the Rua's House Mountain Hamlet

Rua's House Mountain Hamlet: A Calm Sanctuary in Sapa

The land dwellings and wooden houses at Rua's House Mountain Hamlet are constructed in the traditional architectural style of the local ethnic population. Every room has a charming little space with the majority of eco-friendly gadgets.

Rua's House Mountain Hamlet is large and offers a variety of fresh food and beverages, along with essentials, to allow guests to have indoor and outdoor dining events. During a special BBQ party or while chatting with each other, you will have the chance to create memorable and enjoyable moments for your trip. The butler will prepare delectable delicacies.

So what's not to enjoy about spending a holiday in Sapa? You'll make a lot of treasured memories spending calm days at Rua's House Mountain Hamlet and living in peace with the environment.


In addition to the best homestays in Sapa, visitors need to focus on some of the challenges they could encounter when staying in a Sapa homestay listed below.

Best homestays in Sapa - the disadvantages of staying in a homestay

Crucial notices to find the best accommodations when visiting Sapa

  • Language differences: A language barrier may require you to communicate creatively and patiently because English is not widely spoken in Sapa. Though most hosts are able to adapt quickly to your requests, they are nonetheless well accustomed to a language barrier.

  • Low temperature: Sapa's climate is mountainous, with cold temperatures, particularly during the winter. It can get quite chilly during some of these homestays. Packing extra clothing and asking your host if you need more bedding are two things that you need to care about.

  • Rough roads: One of the most challenging parts of getting to your Sapa guesthouse is the state of the roads. There are some unpaved and rocky routes that go to the settlements in Sapa. It would also be best if you remembered that a few of the roads are rather steep.

  • Restricted menu: The food options at your homestay may be somewhat restricted. Though they offer a large menu, only certain meals are served during certain hours. What they can buy in the market and what they have in stock will decide this.

  • Restricted connectivity: There may be a limit to both the cell signal and WiFi. It is advised against depending too heavily on wifi, even though certain homestays might have adequate service. There are times when mobile signals are not very strong.

Many tourists, especially those from abroad, are constantly wondering where the best place to stay in Sapa is. One of the most interesting experiences in Sapa would be to choose a homestay, aside from hotels, motels, and resorts. Consequently, staying at a homestay is appealing to a lot of travelers. With any luck, the above list of the top 10 best homestays in Sapa will help you have the best vacation ever.

Simply send an email to [email protected] to get more details if you find it difficult to choose a suitable homestay for a meaningful Sapa vacation.

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