Top 9 best homestays in Ninh Binh attracts tourists in 2023

  • August 18,2023

Let's discover with the best homestays in Ninh Binh that should not be missed in 2023 in the list below. When you come to Ninh Binh after the chaos of life, Ninh Binh Homestays will undoubtedly be the right stopover for you and your loved ones. Because they not only have many exquisite homestays and beautiful vistas but also have highly reasonable trip pricing.


For You Homestay

  • Address: 479 B, Truong Yen Commune, Hoa Lu District, Ninh Binh.
  • Reference price: 160,000 VND (6.96 USD) – 1,400,000 VND (60.87 USD)/ night.
  • Room type: Double, Deluxe, Dorm.

The For You Homestay experience is recommended by the top 9 best homestays in Ninh Binh. If you want to stay in a place that combines the spectacular natural beauty of Ninh Binh. When you come here, you can enjoy the fresh air beside the lake or watch the sunset over the distant hill.

Therefore, For You Homestay is regarded as an ideal location for you to unwind and enjoy every fantastic moment right in the heart of Ninh Binh.

For You Homestay offers high-quality lodging in mountain-like settings near the river. You enjoy a 360-degree view of the gorgeous sky and clouds from any place in the homestay. The homestay has set up various outside seating spaces facing the lake for your convenience. Therefore, your virtual live album will be thicker and have more intense backgrounds.

best homestays in Ninh Binh - for you homestay

Visit For You homestay to take in the breathtaking 360-degree vista of clouds and sky

One of your most unforgettable experiences will be boating on the lake at the homestay. You will float along the lake and immerse in the uncommon tranquil atmosphere. The best times to paddle are in the morning and late afternoon to see the sunset. You are completely assured because the homestay is always fully stocked with life jackets and clear instructions.

Furthermore, For You Homestay provides a lot of guest facilities, such as a common area and a kitchen that may be used as if you were at home. In particular, the homestay provides visitors free access to a swimming pool and a billiard table. Besides that, there is a bar with a wide selection of drinks and a spacious area for you to host an outside BBQ party.

Isn't this homestay ideal for you? Then hurry up and pack your luggage to experience one of the best homestays in Ninh Binh!

Ninh Binh Greenland Homestay

  • Address: Hamlet 9 Khuc, Khe Thuong Village, Hoa Lu District, Ninh Binh.
  • Reference price: 900,000 VND (39.13 USD) – 1,500,000 VND (65.22 USD)/ night.
  • Room type: Double, Family.

Ninh Binh Greenland Homestay is nestled in the quiet village of Khe Thuong. This homestay is surrounded by the appealing tourist attractions of the expanding Trang An area. This location is around 18 kilometers from Bai Dinh Pagoda and approximately 2 kilometers from Tuyet Tinh Coc. 

Therefore, the first advantage of making Ninh Binh Greenland in the top 9 best homestays in Ninh Binh is its proximity to tourist sites.

Entering Ninh Binh Greenland Homestay is a lush green place decorated in a beautiful style. You may also take in the stunning views of Trang An from the homestay's swimming pool. The lake's open space is surrounded by green trees and Ninh Binh's peaceful ambiance.

best homestays in Ninh Binh - Ninh Binh Greenland Homestay

Experience at Ninh Binh Greenland Homestay

In addition, you can engage in recreational activities such as fishing and cycling in the Tam Diep area. Or you can also relax in the communal garden of Ninh Binh Greenland Homestay.

If you do not know what to eat for lunch or dinner ideas, just swing into Ninh Binh Greenland Homestay's restaurant. The restaurant is on the third floor of the homestay and provides a panoramic view of Trang An's villages and mountains. 

The food is served in sets, with full main courses, side dishes, soups, and fruit desserts. The prices range from 130,000 VND (5.65 USD) to 250,000 VND (10.86 USD) per set.

Trang An La Casa Homestay

  • Address: Chi Phong Village, Truong Yen Commune, Hoa Lu District, Ninh Binh.
  • Reference price: 600,000 VND (20.89 USD) – 800.000 VND (34.78 USD)/ night.
  • Room type: Double, Family.

Suppose you've been searching for one of the best homestays in Ninh Binh for your family to relax and enjoy your next holiday. You can take a look at Trang An La Casa Homestay. Trang An La Casa is a homestay in the eco-tourism section of the Trang An World Heritage Complex.

Trang An La Casa Homestay stands out for its three-sided location overlooking Trang An's gorgeous natural surroundings. The magnificent mountain scenery is in front, while the fresh Hoang Long River is behind. Because of this advantage, you may completely experience the beauty of Ninh Binh right at your accommodation.

You can watch the sunrise in the morning and the sunset in the afternoon from here. Isn't it fantastic? Perhaps, this is one of the reasons why many travelers consider Trang An La Casa Homestay to be one of the best homestays in Ninh Binh.

best homestays in Ninh Binh - Trang An La Casa 1

Trang An La Casa Homestay – A place to unwind in the midst of poetic nature

Trang An La Casa Homestay also provides a variety of leisure activities, such as an outdoor swimming pool, team-building games, and a bonfire in the garden. In addition, the homestay has a restaurant and bar right on the Hoang Long River's banks. believes this homestay may assist you in leaving all worries in life to have moments of complete experience.

If you want to experience the area without having transportation, don't worry because the homestay rents out motorcycles and bicycles. The rental fee for a motorcycle is only about 200,000 VND (8.69 USD) per day, so you can have to relax and have free time here!

best homestays in Ninh Binh - Trang An La Casa 2

Some things to remember when visiting Trang An La Casa

Because Trang An La Casa Homestay is located in Ninh Binh's mountainous region, mosquitoes or odd insects may be there. It would be best if you packed mosquito repellent to safeguard your safety during the trip. Ninh Binh gets pretty hot in the summer, so you should prepare sunscreen!

In particular, advises that if you wish to book a room, you should do it 4 to 7 days in advance to ensure you have all the options. Book a room right away to experience everything that La Casa has to offer!

Hoalu Ecolodge Homestay

  • Address: Trang An Village, Truong Yen Commune, Hoa Lu District, Ninh Binh.

Hoalu Ecolodge Homestay is well-known among the top 9 best homestays in Ninh Binh. Hoalu Ecolodge Homestay in Trang An is recognized for its bamboo huts. Therefore it provides a serene and airy environment.

Fans, mosquito netting, private toilets, and other amenities are provided in all the guestrooms. The private bathroom in each room contains a bathtub and free toiletries. Visitors to Hoalu Ecolodge Homestay are always given their own private space.

best homestays in Ninh Binh - Hoalu

View of the Deluxe Bungalow with Garden

If you want to see the picturesque locations in Trang An, you can contact the front desk to hire a car or motorbike. In particular, this homestay organizes culinary workshops on bamboo rafts in the Sao Khe River. This is one of the most exciting and interesting things that you should not miss!

Reference price: 

  • Twin room with shared bathroom: 450,000 VND (19.66 USD)/ night.
  • Double room with shared bathroom: 470,000 VND (20.43 USD)/ night.
  • Bungalow with garden view: 735,000 VND (31.96 USD)/ night.
  • Deluxe Bungalow: 808,500 VND (35.15 USD)/ night.
  • Family room: 1,298,000 (56.43 USD) – 1,842,000 VND (80.09 USD)/ night.

Green Peace Bungalow

  • Address: Tam Coc Street, Ninh Hai Commune, Hoa Lu District, Ninh Binh.
  • Reference price: 590,000 VND (25.65 USD) – 1,100,000 VND (47.83 USD)/night. 
  • Room type: Double, Family, 3 people.

Many travelers consider Green Peace Bungalow to be one of the best homestays in Ninh Binh. Because the room quality and service are excellent, and the room rental fees are reasonable.

Green Peace Bungalows has bungalows with wood-paneled walls and red tile roofs. This homestay creates a distinct and appealing resort space. In addition, the homestay offers guests a variety of facilities such as restaurants, swimming pools, and so on. Homestay also provides a number of other services for an appropriate price.

best homestays in Ninh Binh - Green Peace Bungalow

Make your trip more fantastic with Green Peace Bungalow

The restaurant at Green Peace Bungalow is located near the pool area. It offers free takeout or dine-in breakfast from 7:30 a.m. to 9:00 a.m. daily. The restaurant also serves lunch and dinner, with prices ranging from 40,000 VND (1.74 USD) to 80,000 VND (3.48 USD) per dish. The restaurant can seat between 20 and 25 people at once.

The homestay provides free bicycles for guests to use while exploring the region. Furthermore, the homestay provides Ninh Binh motorbike rental services, with costs ranging from 120,000 VND (5.22 USD) to 180,000 VND (7.83 USD) per car per day.

Green Peace Bungalow also provides airport shuttle service for a reasonable price of around 1,400,000 VND (60.87 USD) – 1,700,000 VND (73.91 USD)/ vehicle for 4 – 7 seats.

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Trang An Valley Bungalow

  • Address: Truong An Hamlet, Truong Yen Commune, Hoa Lu District, Ninh Binh.
  • Room type: Bungalow, Dorm.

Trang An Valley Bungalow has a perfect location with a high mountain base and is well-known as one of the best homestays in Ninh Binh. Visitors will enjoy a very fresh and pleasant atmosphere in the fairy-like wooden dwellings when they come here.

This homestay architecture not only makes many guests admire its location in a prime site that is surrounded by nature. This location is created with classic bungalows that are close together and lean against the mountain. The bungalows are mostly made of bamboo, cork, palm leaves, and other natural materials. They all add a welcoming beauty to nature.

The Trang An Valley Bungalow is a lovely homestay in Ninh Binh

The tiny garden outside the rooms is the most popular area of Trang An Valley Bungalow. This area is filled with flowers, colorful plants, and orchards of mango and plum trees. You just need to go for a walk outside or sit on a porch chair and admire the garden, which will help you relax.

Trang An Valley Bungalow features a huge swimming pool that is surrounded by limestone mountains. This swimming pool creates an expensive view as compared to other homestays in Ninh Binh. Guests will be able to swim in the pool while taking in the fresh and gorgeous views.

You can lie on the benches next to the pool if you don't want to soak in the water. reminds you to check-in at this outstanding scenery.

best homestays in Ninh Binh - Trang An Valley Bungalow 2

Check-in at one of the best homestays in Ninh Binh

Reference price:

  • Deluxe Bungalow Double Room with Pool View: 900,000 VND (39.13 USD)/ night
  • Deluxe Family Bungalow with pool view: 500,000 VND (20.91 USD)/ night
  • Bungalow for 4 people with pool view: 1,350,000 VND (56.45 USD)/ night.
  • 8-Bed Dormitory: 160,000 VND (6.69 USD)/ bed/ night.

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Nguyen Shack Ninh Binh Homestay

  • Address: Hang Mua Road, Khe Ha Village, Ninh Xuan Commune, Hoa Lu District, Ninh Binh.
  • Reference price: 400,000 VND (17.39 USD) – 1,500,000 VND (65.22 USD)/ night.
  • Room type: Double, Family, Bungalow.

Right in the heart of the popular Hang Mua tourist area is Nguyen Shack Ninh Binh Homestay. Visitors who value peace and harmony with nature should stop by this location. You may go quickly and easily from this homestay to several well-known and stunning locations in the old country. Especially notable are Mua Cave and Trang An Landscape.

Due to its advantageous location, Nguyen Shack Ninh Binh Homestay has come to be one of the best homestays in Ninh Binh.

There are 11 glamping rooms in the homestay system, which focuses on chic simplicity. Despite its seeming simplicity, the room at Nguyen Shack Ninh Binh Homestay is nevertheless on par with those at other upscale hotels in the area.

best homestays in Ninh Binh - Nguyen Shack Ninh Binh

At Nguyen Shack Ninh Binh Homestay, you can relax

You'll notice how clean the house is as soon as you enter. The variety of rooms includes both double and single beds. All visitors will have ample furniture, amenities, and bedding during their stay.

The most intriguing aspect is that every room and object in this place is constructed of really elegant and refined bamboo. starting with the stylized golden lamps and ending with the opulent-looking brocade bed linens. The result is a solid Vietnamese environment.

best homestays in Ninh Binh - Nguyen Shack Ninh Binh

The place is modest but comfortable

You won't have to worry about breakfast if you choose to stay at Nguyen Shack Ninh Binh Homestay. All you want to do is unwind by lying in bed all day. All patrons at Nguyen Shack receive a free breakfast menu. You will always receive a fresh and wholesome meal.

If your vacation begins early without breakfast, don't worry. Even before 6:00 a.m., the homestay is always ready to provide breakfast. But you have to let the staffs know the day before. This might be one of the reasons why many tourists consider this place to be among the best homestays in Ninh Binh.

La Belle Vie Tam Coc Homestay

  • Address: Doi 3, Van Lam Hamlet, Ninh Hai Commune, Hoa Lu District, Ninh Binh.
  • Reference price: 500,000 VND (21.74 USD) – 1,000,000 VND (43.48 USD)/ night. Holiday surcharge of 100,000 VND (4.18 USD)/ person/ night.
  • Room type: Double, Family, Suite Deluxe.

The top 9 best homestays in Ninh Binh recommend La Belle Vie Tam Coc. This homestay is an ancient-style accommodation. The affection of several visitors who have stayed here attests to the homestay's charm.

The La Belle Vie Tam Coc Homestay has a garden-house-inspired design. This homestay chooses the earthy orange color as the primary color for the entire room to emphasize the sense of style. Additionally, La Belle Vie's whole interior is constructed of natural materials, which encourages closeness and comfort among visitors.

best homestays in Ninh Binh - La Belle Vie

Spend your outstanding holiday in one of the best homestays in Ninh Binh

This location's historic architecture inspired its design, which used earth orange as the area's dominant hue. With 16 rooms, a bar, a restaurant, and a coffee shop that make up the family-friendly homestay La Belle Vie. Additionally, the homestay offers amenities for extended-stay business visitors and features an outdoor pool.

A large garden area with many trees might be used for a play area, outdoor eating, a BBQ, or team-building activities. Additionally, La Belle Vie's garden area makes for fantastic virtual reality photography. Quickly reserve a room in La Belle Vie Tam Coc Homestay as soon as possible to enjoy one of the best homestays in Ninh Binh!

Policy on child surcharges:

  • Maximum of 1 free room for a child under 4 years old. The price for several children will be the same as for a child under the age of 4.
  • Children between the ages of 4-6 are charged 50%: 249,000 VND (USD)/ night during the weekdays, while weekends cost 349,000 VND (USD)/ night.
  • Children aged 7 and older pay 75% of the regular rate: 375,000 VND (USD)/ night during the weekdays and 525,000 VND (USD)/ night on the weekends.
  • Children above the age of 11 pay the adult: 499,000 VND (USD)/ night during the weekdays and 699,000 VND (USD) on the weekends.

Chezbeo Homestay

  • Address: Kha Luonng Village, Ninh Thang Commune, Hoa Lu District, Ninh Binh.
  • Reference price: From 180,000 VND (7.83 USD) to 900,000 VND (39.13 USD)/ night.
  • Room type: Bungalow.

If you enjoy staying in sparkling houses where you can completely appreciate the gorgeous mountains and forests, Chezbeo Homestay Ninh Binh is a great choice. Chezbeo Homestay is tucked away at the bottom of a limestone valley, away from the hustle and bustle of life. When staying here, you can immerse yourself in the breathtaking view as well as the quiet and tranquil area.

The reason that many travelers consider Chezbeo to be one of the best homestays in Ninh Binh is the surrounding scenery. The elegant thatched-roof cottages and the lyrical and poetic lotus ponds will initially draw you here.

best homestays in Ninh Binh - Chezbeo 1

Enjoy the beautiful natural scenery

This homestay is especially well-suited for groups. Because Chezbeo is a shared-room homestay, there is enough shared space and a range of room styles to accommodate all visitors' needs. In addition, guests at Chezbeo can organize various activities such as an outside BBQ party, fishing, boating, and so on.

From May through July, Vietnam suggests that you come here to experience. Because this is the time of year when lotus flowers bloom. A poetic scene is created by the delicate aroma of lotus combined with the natural breeze. If you choose Chezbeo Homestay as your place to stay, you will be immersed in nature at its most fresh and calm.

best homestays in Ninh Binh - Chezbeo 2

Immerse yourself in the peace of nature

However, Chezbeo Homestay Ninh Binh is in a challenging location to find, and the route to get there is quite bad. Therefore, the list of the best homestays in Ninh Binh suggests you ask your host to pick you up or ask the locals.

What could be better than planning a pleasant holiday and resting after a long day at work? If you are interested, just schedule your holiday at Chezbeo, which is considered to be the ideal location among the top 9 best homestays in Ninh Binh!

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Compared to other types of professional housing services, such as hotels and resorts, the quality of homestays ranges from low to high. Therefore, you have to consider several factors when selecting a homestay and staying here. Here are some experiences that would like to share for you to enjoy the most fantastic time at the top 9 best homestays in Ninh Binh.


It would be best if you chose a homestay close to your intended travel destination. Because that will make your trip more convenient. For example, if you are heading to Tam Coc and Trang An, you should use the homestay that locates between these two destinations. advises you to choose homestays that are close enough because you will spend more time and money on the moving process. There are many best homestays in Ninh Binh with reasonable prices and services for you to choose from. Therefore, you do not need to worry that you will not find a homestay that suits your needs.


A homestay room in Ninh Binh typically accommodates 4 people. Some shared spaces have a capacity of more than 6 to 8 people. Therefore, you can choose a suitable room for yourself based on the number of people on the trip.

best homestays in Ninh Binh - experience

Ninh Binh Homestays


Homestay Ninh Binh is usually adjacent to the mountains and has a lot of trees. Especially the natural homestays in the form of gardens. Bringing bug repellent and wind oil is a common homestay experience. Remember this to not prevent you from enjoying your cation in one of the best homestays in Ninh Binh!


Ninh Binh Homestays will have particular laws because it is a shared living place. Homestays frequently place a set of regulations in the reception area or the guest room. When you check-in, you should read the homestay's regulations carefully and ask the homestay about anything you don't understand.

Ninh Binh is well-known for its stunning surroundings, which draw an increasing number of tourists. Choosing an appropriate rest stop will make your trip more meaningful. Therefore, Ninh Binh homestays are becoming increasingly pleasant in order to meet the needs of visitors. Vietnam hopes the list of the best homestays in Ninh Binh above will make your trip enjoyable!

If you are unsure whether your visa is still valid, take a look at How To Apply For A Visa To Vietnam. We will help you get the quickest ticket to Ninh Binh. 

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