How To Get A 3-Month Visa For Vietnam? – Detailed Guidelines

  • August 10,2023

Do foreigners eagerly take a long journey to Vietnam? As a result, a Vietnam visa for three months provides an ideal opportunity for you to immerse yourself in this wonderful Southeast Asian country. So, "how to get a 3-month visa for Vietnam?" become a hot keyword searched on the internet now. In this detailed tutorial, we will break down the prerequisites for obtaining this visa category, a step-by-step application process to boost your chances of approval.


This type of visa is useful for those who desire to stay in Vietnam for an extended period of time without leaving the country. You have 90 days to stay uninterrupted, and it will expire once you depart Vietnam.

Vietnam tourist visas are not only available for tourists, and business visas are not exclusively available for businessmen. A tourist can register for business visas, whereas a businessman can obtain travel visas. It is not a major issue if expats seek a visa that is incompatible with their intended purpose of visit. All visitors care about is that their visas are convenient for their schedules.

How to get a 3 month visa for Vietnam - general information

Visitors need to gain a general overview of how to get a 3-month visa for Vietnam

If foreigners intend to reside in Vietnam for more than a month, they can consider getting three-month business visas. No Vietnam Immigration Officer is interested in the reason for visitors' visits.

A 3-month Vietnam visa is always connected with a business visa. Despite the fact that your stated travel purpose is vacation, you will be granted a business visa for a three-month stay in Vietnam. As a result, don't worry if foreigners have a business visa for a three-month tourist stay.

Three-month Vietnam visas are available in two varieties: single and multiple entry. A single visa allows you to enter and exit Vietnam once throughout the visa's three-month validity period. You can visit us again and again if you have several visas.

A business visa to Vietnam is valid for both business and tourism. Foreigners cannot re-enter Vietnam with a 3 month single Vietnam visa unless they apply for a new one.

Vietnam business visa 3 months single entry is available at the Vietnam Embassy or at the Vietnam airport with visa on arrival service. Individuals would normally prefer to obtain visas on arrival in order to save time and money.

It is especially useful for individuals who live far away from the Vietnam Embassy. The charge for a three-month single Vietnam visa stamping is USD 25, and the fee for a three-month multiple Vietnam visa stamping is USD 50.


Before finding out how to get a 3-month visa for Vietnam, visitors need to consider who should get this type of visa. Foreigners wishing to reside in Vietnam must obtain one of the available types of visas with a duration of: one to six months or one year. In addition to the 1 month Vietnam visa, tourists and business travelers can obtain a 3 month Vietnam visa, which includes a 3 month single and a 3 month multiple Vietnam visa, depending on their purpose for entering Vietnam.

Not all tourists or businesspeople are eligible to apply for a 3-month visa to Vietnam. Check out the following applicants who were granted this visa:

  • Foreigners possessing work licenses or certificates demonstrating exemption from work permits in Vietnam.

  • Foreigners own businesses and invest in Vietnam.

  • Foreign visitors to Vietnam, whether for vacation or business, must be accompanied by a guaranteeing agency or organization in Vietnam.

  • Foreigners must ensure their passports validity for at least one year before entering Vietnam.

  • Individuals do not fall under the category of citizens barred from entering Vietnam, according to the provisions of Article 21 of the Vietnam Immigration Law.


In Vietnam, visas are categorized into many types based on the purpose of admission and the planned length of stay. The Vietnamese government offers numerous visa classifications based on the purpose of admission, such as tourist visas for leisure travel, work visas for employment, student visas for academic pursuits, and visas for family visiting.

Vietnam provides a variety of visa alternatives based on the length of stay. 1-month visas suit individuals who make a short plan to live in Vietnam for up to 30 days. 3-month visas with stays of up to 90 days are available for individuals planning a longer visit. Vietnam also provides 6-month and 1-year visas, suitable for individuals seeking an even longer-term stay.


A 3-month visa for single entry

A 3-month visa for multiple entries

Visitors can enter Vietnam once and stay for up to 90 days with the 3-month Vietnam visa for single entry. This visa category is appropriate for individuals who only stay in Vietnam during their three-month stay.

Travelers can visit and exit Vietnam several times throughout the 90-day validity period with this visa. This sort of visa is appropriate for those who may need to leave the nation for a short period of time or who intend to visit adjacent countries while in Vietnam.



  • The visa has a longer validity duration than short-term visas, allowing you to stay in Vietnam for a longer amount of time.

  • Within the validity period, the visa allows foreigners to leave and return to Vietnam.

  • This visa is quite easy to obtain, requiring only proper documentation and the payment of fees.


  • The application fee may be higher for one-year or short-term visas.

  • Short-term visas may require more time to process.

  • Additional materials may be required when visitors finalize this visa application.


The Vietnam visa entry requirements must be strictly fulfilled in order to enter the country smoothly and without incident. Travelers have numerous alternatives for obtaining a 3-month Vietnam visa. Here are instructions on how to get a 3-month visa for Vietnam in detail:

How to get a 3 month visa for Vietnam - visa procedures

“How to get a Vietnam visa” has been a “go-hunting” topic on the internet recently

Get a 3-month visa at the nearest Embassy or Consulate

This is the standard method that most foreigners utilize when applying for a visa to Vietnam. How to get a 3-month visa for Vietnam? Simply follow these procedures to apply for a Vietnam visa at the Vietnam Embassy in your country:

  • Contact the Embassy to make an appointment (details are accessible on the Vietnam Immigration Department's website).

  • Travel to the Embassy's website and download and fill out the application form.

  • Bring all necessary documentation to accelerate the visa application process.

  • Return to the Vietnam Embassy to pick up your visa after 5 working days.

The processing time depends on foreigners' requests and how quickly they wish to get their visas. Handling time will not be the same in many circumstances. Expats should contact their agency or the Vietnamese Embassy in advance for a thorough response.

Foreigners can obtain a three-month visa to Vietnam from their local Vietnam Embassy or Consulate. Typically, the process involves providing the essential documents, paying the visa expenses, and waiting for the visa to be processed and approved.

Obtain a 3-month visa on arrival for Vietnam

It is possible to obtain a visa on arrival for expats flying into Vietnam. Travelers are able to register online through authorized agencies for a Vietnam visa approval letter, which they must submit upon arrival at selected Vietnam airports. Their passports will then be stamped, allowing visitors to reside in Vietnam for a maximum of 90 days.

Many people choose Visa on Arrival because they live too far away from the Embassy or Consulate and do not have time to go there and apply for it themselves. It is the best choice to reduce the risk of losing the issues (passport, money, or paperwork) by postal mail. In this manner, foreigners can stay at home and use connected devices with stable Internet to complete a few simple procedures to obtain a Vietnam visa.

Step 1: Fill out the online application for a Vietnam 3-month visa 2023

Include your complete name, date of birth, passport number, nationality, date of arrival, and Vietnam visa duration in the visa application. In this stage, remember to select the type of visa you desire!

Step 2: Obtaining confirmation and payment information

Check your details again and pay for our visa service charge using one of the payment methods listed on the secure payment page.

Step 3: Receive the 3-month visa result

After obtaining your permission letter and instructions for getting your visa stamped, the Vietnam Immigration Department will automatically process your approval letter and provide the results to your contact's email address on the booking as processing time.

Apply for a 3-month e visa Vietnam

E-Visa applications can be submitted electronically via the Vietnamese government's official website. The validity period of an E-Visa for Vietnam has been extended from 30 to 90 days, making it an intriguing option for travelers planning a three-month stay. For individuals looking for a 3-month visa to Vietnam, this is a more flexible and handy option.

The processing time for your Vietnam visa is different for different visa types.  However, E-Visas only permit visitors to enter Vietnam once and must depart within 30 days.

Here are instructions on how to apply for E-Visa in 3 easy steps for visitors to consider:

  • Step 1: Visit the Vietnam Immigration Department to get more details about the visa application.

  • Step 2: Provide all personal information to the Vietnam Immigration Department to process the visa requests.

  • Step 3: Foreigners get an email with an issued E-Visa, which is sent to the email address provided in the original application.


A 3 month visa in Vietnam cost varies based on the manner of application, specifically:

Applying for a visa at an Embassy or Consulate will comply with the fee below:

  • A single entry costs $25 USD.

  • 50 USD for multiple entries.

Applying for a visa on arrival will result in specific fees, as follows:

  • A single entry costs $25 USD.

  • 50 USD for multiple entries.

It should be noted that these costs are subject to change in the future. As a result, for the most innovative information, foreigners should visit the Vietnamese government's official website.


If foreigners’ visas expire in Vietnam, they will be in violation of the country's immigration restrictions. This can have a variety of consequences and penalties.

How to get a 3 month visa for Vietnam - overstay situations

Extend their visas immediately in advance to make sure visitors don’t violate the Vietnam Immigration Law

  • Overstay fine: Each day visitors overstay their visas in Vietnam, they will be fined. The fine grows in proportion to the length of the overstay period.

  • Detention and deportation: In more egregious cases of overstaying, officials may detain foreigners before deporting them from Vietnam. Deportation may lead to additional fines and removal from the country, according to the Vietnam Law.

  • Blacklisting: Overstaying your visa may result in your being placed on the blacklist of Vietnamese immigration officials. This could prevent you from entering Vietnam in the future or traveling to other countries that exchange information with Vietnam about immigration violations.

The best course of action is to apply for a Vietnam visa extension at your nearest Vietnam Immigration Office before your existing visa expires. This allows you to legalize your stay and avoid any overstay fees or immigration issues.

Consider the best time to visit Vietnam as well as the various activities available while arranging a vacation there. Each site has its own unique set of attractions and experiences; thus, it is recommended that you visit Phu Quoc, Nha Trang, Hoi An, Da Nang, or Ha Long.

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As the government begins to loosen tourist visas, foreigners hope that the three-month visa policy will be reinstated soon, giving them more time to see the nation.

Eric Warnken of Germany shared that he is tired of having to make visa runs every three months. Currently, he feels a little more hopeful after Prime Minister Pham Minh Chinh earlier this week ordered officials to waive visas for more countries and extend the length of stay for foreign tourists in order to speed up tourism recovery.

Visitors from 80 countries can now get a one-month, single-entry E-Visa to Vietnam. The multi-entry, three-month visa that was available prior to COVID has not yet been reinstated.

The number of foreign tourists has remained low since the country reopened its borders in March of last year. In spite of being one of the first Southeast Asian countries to fully reopen to international tourism following the COVID outbreak, Vietnam only received 3.6 million foreign tourists last year, representing just around 20% of pre-pandemic levels. With poor results, tourism sector experts have urged the government to remove visa hurdles to help the tourism industry recover.

In response to the prime minister's instruction, the Ministry of Public Security requested Friday that the period of e-visas provided to foreigners entering Vietnam be increased from 30 days to a maximum of three months to boost tourism.


Keep the following ideas in mind when applying for a 3-month visa to Vietnam:

  • Prepare all required documents before submitting your application.

  • Pay attention to visa processing times and submit your application before the deadline to prevent delays.

  • Consider the prices and compare several approaches to find the best solution for you.

This article answers the question "How to get a 3-month visa for Vietnam" in as many details as possible. A three-month visa to Vietnam allows visitors to have an outstanding and immersive experience in this enchanting country. Foreigners can easily begin an extended and fascinating journey in this captivating Southeast Asian nation after acquiring a Vietnam visa for three months. Please don't hesitate to contact us at +1 315 715 8498 or email if you have any concerns about how to get this visa type.

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