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  • July 08,2023

Vietnam's 5-year visa is issued to those who intend to stay in Vietnam for a long time with multiple entries. So "How to apply Vietnam visa for 5 years" is the main topic we want to share with visitors. Find more details in the post with relevant information about the 5-year visa to Vietnam.


The phrase "5-year visa Vietnam" (also known as a "5-year visa exemption") refers to a document that is issued by a Vietnamese competent authority. Many foreigners wonder, “Who can get a 5-year Vietnam visa?”. In reality, this visa type is suitable for individuals in some cases:

How to apply Vietnam visa for 5 years - definition of 5-year visas

Vietnam's 5-year visas are introduced to create favorable conditions for citizens

  • Vietnamese residents living abroad without a Vietnamese passport

  • Foreign nationals who are the spouses and children of Vietnamese residents

  • Vietnamese living abroad for a long period of time

  • Visitors traveling to Vietnam for business or for personal reasons (such as to join a seminar, or conduct administrative duties at government offices) are eligible for this visa.

Vietnam issued the 5-year visa exemption certificate to allow foreigners to come to Vietnam for the longest time. Nevertheless, the certificate's expiration date must be six months sooner than the one on their passports or other pertinent documents. 

In order to take advantage of Vietnam's 5-year visa policy, visitors must possess an original passport or another document. This document should be valid for at least 5 years and 6 months longer.

The 5-year visa exemption functions as a visa for recipients, enabling them to enter and exit Vietnam at any time throughout the validity term. It is the immigration document with the longest duration of validity. However, each entrance only entitles visitors to a maximum stay of six months in Vietnam. Foreign temporary residence may be extended if they decide to stay longer.


Being exempt from a visa for five years entitles residents to the following benefits in particular:

  • Visitors are eligible to travel to Vietnam within five years, regardless of whether they lack a visa. Visitors won't need to apply for a Vietnam visa online again once they've secured such an exemption. Citizens are only allowed to stay continuously for 180 days for each entry time.

  • Saving money on visa fees: Within a 5-year period, foreigners will undoubtedly spend a significant sum of money applying for short-term visas. Therefore, paying once for this kind of visa exemption is a more cost-effective choice for those who qualify to apply for this visa.


  • A certificate with a stamp: Foreign citizens and Vietnamese citizens residing abroad must have a visa exemption certificate stamped on their passports in order to enter Vietnam.

  • Certificate detached: a document granting visa exemption to Vietnamese residents who are traveling abroad on the basis of permanent residency permits issued by other governments Moreover, individuals who have passports from nations or territories with which Vietnam does not have diplomatic ties also get this material.


For foreigners who are spouses or children of Vietnamese citizens, as well as Vietnamese living abroad, different basic material requirements apply.
The following documents must be ready if visitors are Vietnamese expats:

  • A recent color passport photo (4x6cm) with a straight face, straight head, and no eyeglasses is required with the standard application form for a certificate of visa exemption.
    A foreign passport, a passport valid for at least one year abroad, or a permanent residence card issued by a foreign government

If visitors have copies of the following documents, they serve as proof that they are exempt from the Vietnam visa requirements:

  • A valid Vietnam passport

  • Birth certificate

  • A book of family registration

  • A copy of the decision to renounce Vietnamese citizenship

  • A copy of the decision to restore Vietnamese citizenship

If you are a foreigner who is a Vietnamese person's spouse or child, you must have added the following documents:

  • An application for a certificate of visa exemption

  • Two most recent color photos (4 x 6 cm, white background, straight grin, bare head, no eyeglasses)

  • Passport from another country or other international travel document valid for at least a year

  • One of the following documents attests to your link with Vietnamese citizens: marriage certificates, birth certificates, and documents attesting to a person's relationship to their father, mother, and children. Moreover, legitimate documents need to be prepared for getting a 5-year visa, according to Vietnamese law.


This multiple-entry visa exemption is good for five years. The Vietnam Immigration Department lets foreigners stay here for a maximum of 180 days if they hold a 5-year visa. Residents are required to adhere to the 180-day rule by leaving the country and returning thereafter on schedule.

Otherwise, residents can apply for a visa exemption extension inside Vietnam if they don't want to leave the country and then return to remain for another 180 days. Each extension may only last for 90 days for citizens to continue to remain in Vietnam.

Holders of Vietnam-issued 5-year visa exemptions are not permitted to leave the country right away. They must leave Vietnam with the same visa they entered with. Then you can utilize your 5-year Vietnam visa exemption to leave the country the following time you enter.

To be satisfied for 5-year visas, the applicant's passport validity must be longer than 5 years and 6 months, according to Vietnam Immigration Law.


Visitors need to adhere to these typical procedures in order to apply for a five-year visa to Vietnam:

How to apply Vietnam visa for 5 years - visa procedures

How to apply Vietnam visa for 5 years is the concern of many foreigners

  • Step 1: Gather the necessary documents before conducting visa processing.

  • Step 2: Submit the visa application form and required materials to the Vietnamese Embassy or Consulate abroad. Visitors also send all documents to the Vietnam Immigration Department in Hanoi or Ho Chi Minh City. An approval letter will be sent to foreigners if they meet all the requirements according to Vietnam's visa policy. In case any documents are missing, visitors need to add more paperwork to be granted a 5-year visa to Vietnam.

  • Step 3: For different visa categories, lengths of stay, and nationalities, individuals are subject to paying different 5-year visa fees. For information on the precise cost amount and accepted payment methods, get in touch with the Embassy or Consulate.

  • Step 4: Foreigners should submit their applications as soon as possible to deal with all unexpected circumstances. The application day should be before the day they intend to travel because processing times can range from a few days to a few weeks. After the entire submission of the document, applications are normally processed in 5 to 7 working days. The time will take longer if visitors' documents need to be improved or are not enough.

  • Step 5: The Embassy or Consulate will notify visitors when their visa is approved. There are two ways for foreigners to pick up visas: in person or using the postal service. The visa exemption requires the presentation of a receipt.


Fees for applications for 5-year visa exemptions may vary depending on the issuing entity (the Vietnam Embassy or Consulate overseas or the Vietnam Immigration Department).

Department of Immigration of Vietnam Fees:

  • Initial issuance: $20 US

  • Starting with the second printing: US$10


The Vietnamese Embassy or Consulate in the nation where travelers will be moving or the Vietnam Immigration Department can renew their 5-year visa exemption certificate if it is lost, destroyed, or if they need to change the terms of their exemptions.
A package containing a request to renew visitor's visa exemptions must be submitted to the offices listed in order to complete the process. Documents such as these should be included in the package:

  1. A valid foreign passport or a foreign country's permanent residence card, whose validity is at least one year.

  2. Size 4*6 cm of two recent color photos and must satisfy some criteria below:

  • In the images, the visitor's face should be straight.

  • White backgrounds are needed

  • Visitors shouldn't be sporting any headgear or colorful spectacles.

Depending on the individual's circumstances, more visa documents might be needed. The conditions for specific scenarios are as follows:

  • In the event that visitors' visa exemption certificates are lost, they must fill out a Report of 5-Year Visa Exemption Certificate Loss.

  • If visitors' certificates of visa exemption have expired or been damaged, they must send the original or a duplicate of the previous certificate of the five-year visa exemption.

  • The former certificate of the 5-year visa exemption, either in its original form or a copy, must be shown if foreigners want to amend the specifics of their exemption. In addition, visitors need to provide evidence of the veracity of the data they want to adjust.

The following article provides comprehensive information to address the query, "How to apply Vietnam visa for 5 years". Hopefully, after reading this post, visitors will have learned something about a 5-year Vietnam visa that will help them plan their trips. For the quickest assistance, please call our hotline at +1 315 715 8498 or email support@e-visa-gov.com if you have any inquiries about visas or require additional guidance regarding a Vietnam visa.

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