How To Apply For E-Visa In Vietnam: Visa Procedures

  • July 10,2023

The Vietnam E-Visa is still unfamiliar to many tourists in spite of having been in effect since 2017. Visitors' questions on how to apply for E-Visa in Vietnam will all be answered in the post. Follow every piece of information on this type of Vietnam visa below.


To diversify the visa application method for visitors, the Vietnam government will issue a new approach for visitors to choose from. It is the Vietnam E-Visa that brings more benefits for citizens who would like to enter Vietnam legally without obtaining the visa at the Embassy or a Vietnam visa on arrival.

However, the Vietnam E-Visa differs from the others in that it is only valid for travelers who enter Vietnam for leisure or tourism via a single entrance within a month.

When the Vietnam E-Visa program was first introduced in 2017, it was open to nationals of 40 different countries. Since then, the number of eligible nations has expanded to 80, according to the new update for Vietnam in 2023. Check attentively to see if visitors' country names are on the list of applicants for this new form of Vietnam visa.

How to apply for E-Visa in Vietnam - the importance of E-Visas

Vietnam E-Visas are the best option for citizens to get a visa to enter this country


Many visitors assess the E-Visa as one of the best visa approaches to obtaining a Vietnam visa. It is not quite as complicated for citizens outside Vietnam to get an E-Visa for their trips. However, visitors must comply strictly with the Vietnam visa requirements to get a visa on schedule.

Foreigners can apply for E-Visa in three easy steps but must follow each step carefully. Many visa application forms are rejected because they lack some required documents or provide the Vietnam Immigration Department with incorrect information.


Foreigners can request assistance from a service provider or a Vietnam visa agency while applying for a Vietnam E-Visa to shorten their visa procedures. Another option for visitors to choose when getting a visa is to visit the Vietnam Immigration Department directly to submit all required documents. Foreigners can access the Vietnamese government website to follow the instructions.


Before learning about how to apply for an E-Visa in Vietnam, visitors need to understand where visas can take effect. Foreigners can enter Vietnam through 01 of 32 international checkpoints, including airports, seaports, and landports. Follow the table below to gain knowledge of the locations where the final visa stage can occur. 

International Airports

Vietnam Land Ports

Vietnam Seaports

Cat Bi

Bo Y

Chan May

Cam Ranh

Cha Lo

Da Nang

Can Tho

Cau Treo

Duong Dong


Huu Nghi

Hon Gai

Noi Bai

Ha Tien

Hai Phong

Phu Bai

Lao Bao

Quy Nhon

Tan Son Nhat

Lao Cai…

Ho Chi Minh…


If foreigners submit the visa application form to the Vietnam Immigration Department, the Vietnam E-Visa processing charge is simply $25 (USD). However, notwithstanding whether Vietnam E-Visas are obtained or not, the cost is nonrefundable. 


3 working days is a necessary period of time for the Vietnam Immigration Department to review the visa applications. However, it is highly recommended that visitors send the application at least one week in advance to avoid unpredictable situations. 

Particularly during public holidays or other special events, visitors need to apply for a visa before they plan their trips. Due to the heavy application at this time, visitors must consider submitting the form as soon as possible.


Many visitors wonder how to apply for E-Visa in Vietnam when they intend to visit this country. In general, visitors are responsible for gathering fully prepared documents first before applying for a Vietnam E-Visa.

  • An original passport's remaining validity after the arrival date is at least six months.

  • The original passport must contain at least two blank pages for immigration stamps and the Vietnam visa sticker.

  • A soft file scan of the passport information page and a hard or soft file scan of the passport-style photo.

  • Cards (credit or debit ones, etc.) that can be used to pay the E-Visa fees.

When all documents are prepared, please complete the following steps to apply for a Vietnam E-Visa:

How to apply for E-Visa in Vietnam - visa procedures

Visitors need to adhere to the visa procedures to obtain an E-Visa easily

Step 1: 

Go to the official website of the Vietnamese government and select E-Visa Issuance to access the main Vietnam E-Visa application portal. Carefully read the entire process in text to ensure that visitors understand what to do, then press the Next button.

Completing the personal information on the E-Visa application form as well as uploading the passport data page and portrait photo is required. Visitors must adhere to the instructions on the Vietnam E-Visa application form.

Step 2: 

Get a verification code and store it to reuse when visitors need to check. Vietnam E-Visa status on the website. This code is useful for foreigners to download their Vietnam E-Visa letter if their visa request is approved. It is noted that the visa code is not granted for the second time, so it is obviously necessary to remember this number order.

Paying for the processing fee is a mandatory task for visitors if they would like to be eligible to continue getting Vietnam visas. Whether visitors' E-Visa applications are accepted or rejected, the charge of USD 25 is nonrefundable in any situation.

Step 3:

Download the approval letter that was issued by the Vietnam Immigration Department and present it to customs when landing at the airport.

Even though it looks straightforward, applying for a Vietnam E-Visa is more complicated than visitors might realize. It is advised to fill out the personal data carefully because this information will not be allowed to be adjusted after submission. 

In the event that any misinformation or inaccurate information is included in visitors' visa applications, it is required to get a new visa letter. Simultaneously, E-Visa fees will be double or triple the original amount that they paid the first time.

This article covers all the Vietnam visas, including how to apply for E-Visa in Vietnam. Due to its convenience, an increasing number of foreigners are still getting Vietnam E-Visas today. Please don’t hesitate to contact us at +1 315 715 8498 or email [email protected] if visitors have any concerns.

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